Once the MotoGP season finished I started to have COVID induced withdrawal symptoms, but thanks to one of our two really good FTA networks I rediscovered my old enthusiasm for Speedway!
When we were kids it was a regular Summer Saturday night ritual to go to the long gone 'Tracey's Speedway' with my Dad, but only if the bill included Bikes and Midgets, preferably just those!
Nothing like the perfume from a 500CC JAP or ESO, or a 91 Offy.
Tracy's was just on one mile, but one year there was a round of the World Championship run at one of the old Olympic Park venues on a one and one half mile track, with Midgets as the support.
The catering for us plebs was as bad as ever but the event is one that I'll never forget!

So I was VERY pleased when the truncated European World Championship (more European Championship) appeared on the SBS network.
The screen grabs are a bit naff but the atmosphere comes across! The venue is (I think) Poland and it is really impressive!