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    A while back Peprez made a new LeO 451 with a new panel. I have looked on this site and can not find it. can anyone please let me know where I can find it?

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    Is this what you were looking for? http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...d=151&id=18296

    This upagrade includes :

    1) A new 2D panel and a new VC panel based on the former panel (by Peperez) included in the "baldy package"
    This new panels have been reworked to look more like the real panel of the bird (see the docs provided), with some view toward the front compartiment.

    2) A new DP with :
    - new boxes to look more like the real shape of the bird (see the blue print in the doc provided)
    - a gunner and a machine gun added in the nose( like in the german version of Baldy) : unfortunatly the gun is a Lewis, instead of a MAC 34 machine gun, as there is no such a gun available in CFS2)

    3) New textures for the lower turret with transparent glasses



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    Baldy revised the Leo45 & 451 models in 2017 ...

    Leo 45 revised 2017

    Leo 451 revised 2017

    Also did a mineclearance a/c & one in US markings too. Search under username "baldy" ...

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