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Description: This is a repaint for the beautiful Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifum model by Guenther Kraemer. You can find this model at Flightsim.com (filenames GKME108.zip and GKME108a.108). The repaint depicts the Bf108 flown by Major Erich Hoenmanns in 10 January 1940. This flight ended with a crash close to the village Mechelen aan de Maas, currently known as Maasmechelen in Belgium. His passenger, the Major Helmuth Reinberger, was carrying plans for the invasion of France and the Low countries, known as Fall Gelb. The repaint is based on the pictures taken after the crash.
As Guenther made this model specifically as model from the D-EBIE, there are some restrictions in the repaint possibilities. Therefore the registration at the bottom of the wings is missing. (the same part of the texture is used for the top and bottom of the wings).
When you want to fly this repaint with a more authentic panel I can recommend the vintage panel by Steffen Moessner, which included in his very nice D-IOIO repaint for this Bf108 (available at flightsim.com as well).

January 2021

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