Howard DGA-15P
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Thread: Howard DGA-15P

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    Howard DGA-15P

    Now available as freeware at is this Howard DGA. Documentation includes the original Brochure and original pilots handbook. Really nice airplane.

    The Howard DGA-15P is the most common variant of the Howard aircraft still flying. It was built commercially beginning in 1936 the year after the designer, Benny Howard's "Mister Mulligan" won both the Bendix and Thompson trophies for speed and endurance--the only plane ever to do this. The DGA (" Good Airplane")-15P variants today are mostly restored military variants from WWII (e.g., U.S. Navy GH-1 to GH-4 used as air ambulances, personal transport, and instrument training).

    The Howard is well-known to be a fast, comfortable aircraft that is somewhat hard to land but very stable in the air in part because the gas tanks are low in the belly, and has an enthusiastic following (e.g., It has been said that if the DHC-2 Beaver is a great pick-up truck, the Howard is a stately old Buick. There are a few dozen or more you tube videos of the Howard in flight including one where the pilot does a barrel roll. (I don't recommend it on the model--it breaks the artificial horizon--don't ask me how I know!).
    Powerplant: 450 hp Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior
    Length: 25 ft
    Wingspan: 38 ft
    Empty weight: 2,705 lb
    Useful load: 1,645 lb
    Max gross weight: 4,350 lb
    Max speed at MSL: 195 mph (sources vary from 190 to 201 mph)
    (MP 36.5 in.; prop. 2300 rpm)
    Climb: 1200-1500 fpm (MP 30 in.; prop. 2000 rpm)
    Average cruise speed: 160 mph indicated (MP 28 in.; prop. 1850 rpm)
    Never exceed speed: 270 mph
    Landing speed: 78 mph
    Stall speed: around 65 mph
    Service Ceiling: 21,000 ft
    Fuel capacity in three belly tanks: 151 gal
    Front 30 gal
    Main 88 gal
    Rear 33 gal
    Range: about 1,000 nm
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dga15p - 2021-02.jpg   dga15p - 2021-01.jpg  

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    Beautiful aircraft! The readme file states that this model began life as an FSX model built by Paul Clawson. The author really did a great job improving on Paul's work. I've been told that my grandfather did not approve of 'Mr. Mulligan' winning the Thompson Trophy race. Apparently he didn't think 'Mr Mulligan' was a proper racing airplane.


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