Hello everyone,
New to SOH, first time posting here, and i'm not sure where these small questions go under. Sorry if this is the wrong section.

I have a few questions if anyone could help i'd appreciate.

Question 1:
I'm using Prepar3D v5, and when you select to view an AI traffic via "Menu> View>Change view>Air Traffic>B738-PH-VQA (for example), I can see this particular AI Aircraft parked at some nearby airport that's not where I am. Also there are a bunch of smaller airports nearby, and I need to fly to each of them to see where this plane is.

Is there an easier way to find out their exact location? an interface with a map pinpointing at them maybe? Same goes for an AI aircraft that is flying, I have no idea where it is even if I can see it cruising at say, 18000ft.

Question 2:
Is there a 'free roam camera mode' ? How can i just sightsee a scenery/airport like a ghost instead of having to fly around with my airplane? I"ve seen people do this all the time on Youtube and I'm not sure if they are using a special plugin for this free camera?

Thanks in advance.