empty scenery cache on exit ?
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Thread: empty scenery cache on exit ?

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    empty scenery cache on exit ?

    A stupid question from someone who should know better. What exactly does "empty scenery cache on exit" in scenery library mean, and does it matter if the box is tick'd or not.

    Ive only been simming for 15+ years, i should know this stuff

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    Ian, you're not the only one who'd like to know what that means.

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    There's something approximating an answer here -- or not.


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    OK thanks, sounds abit like the flightsim equivalent of your Appendix, i may get a nano-second improvement unticking the box but im not holding my breath

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    This from the AVSIM Forums about 7 years ago:

    In scenery.cfg there is a possibility of specifying for each scenery area

    If you use Remote, it tells FSX to copy all the files from that scenery area into the cache, which would normally be an HDD or I suppose SSD. The idea was based on small HDD so you would have scenery on CD (actually probably floppy when first thought up). You could also use it if you had scenery on a NAS or other network location.

    If you use the "scenery library" in FSX to add scenery areas, I'm pretty sure FSX will automatically select "Remote" if the scenery is on "slow" media, which I assume is hard-coded into fsx somewhere.

    As far as clearing the cache, if you don't have any Remote scenery areas, then it isn't going to do anything. If you do use the cache, I suppose it would be a bit faster starting up if you are flying in the same scenery, since I assume fsx will not have to load the cache (just guessing) if you don't empty it.
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