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    Icon22 Checking in...and will be around more!

    Good morning,

    A very happy Thanksgiving to all. I just wanted to let everyone know that at least for a couple (two) of months, I will be around a bit more, and may even have some time to work on CFS2 again. I have finished one of my two grad classes, and the other's workload, aside from a final report, is on the decline. That class will end about mid-December. After Saturday, when I take a final teacher certification test, (100 multiple choice questions and three essay questions) I should have a few days to completely power down from the educational world.

    From a health standpoint, I am completely recovered from Covid-19. I got sick around Columbus/Indigenous People's Day after having been exposed to it by a friend, and was ill until about 20 October. By 24 October I was completely over it, but I kept testing positive until 10 November. During that period, my brother came down with walking pneumonia, and my mom ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection. Both have since recovered as well.

    As a family, we're coping as well as we can; our kids are adjusting about as well as you could expect. However, Erica's having a rough go in the nursing department. She's working more than she should be out of medical necessity, and hopefully a promised vaccine will arrive soon. Her strength these last several months has reminded me what an amazing person I married, so I'm taking care of being both mom and dad for the time being so she doesn't have to pull double duty.

    I begin my final semester around the third week of January, and my practicum beings on 27 January. Because I am doing only eight weeks, it could be either from 27 January to 19 March, or from 22 March to 13 May. I'll have a capstone class as well in the interim, so I'm sure I'll be busy.

    This is why I looked for recruits to help run the library, because I knew this was coming.

    I also cancelled my trip to the Mayo Clinic in December. It didn't seem safe to go under these conditions, and they didn't object.

    I look forward to firing up my sims again....I flew FS9 for the first time in about three months last night. It was fun just to fly again!

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    Good Evening Rami,

    You and yours are obviously built for the long haul. It is good to know that your ongoing treatment at the Mayo can be picked up when you judge time and circumstances are right for you. As for flying....what's that?

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    Rami -
    I have not been in contact with you in a long time. I miss the sessions online with Skype. I have not been flying at all with Win 10 (sucks) I am now 87 married 60 years and struggling with the ususal age things like balance, walking and memory. Would like to regain our former communications if possible. Had a kidney removed in early November due to cancer. Doing very well with one.

    Come back please!

    Gib Brown
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you too (whatever that is, lol, I'm sure eventually it will become a 'thing' here too, Halloween was a minor thing here, with not much fuss until you guys exported it as a balls-to-the-wall thing, with film, lots of decorations, yada yada yada...). It'll be good to have you round here a bit more (keep me out of trouble, lol).

    Glad you and your family have recovered from what ails you. Wish them all well for me.

    Give Erica my love and look after her (I know you will), she is probably keeping a lot inside, brave face and all.

    More than happy to help with the library, a pleasure sir.

    Make sure you don't delay the Mayo to your own detriment, I'm sure they wouldn't be to happy with that, along with the rest of us.

    Happy simming,

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    If it's not one thing for you, it's another. I'm glad to hear you recovered from Covid OK but sorry to hear you caught it in the first place. Best of luck for your successful Master's completion. I remember the work it took to go through the MBA program. With everything you have on your plate I don't know how you do it all. No sleeping? Take care my friend.

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