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Thread: Ki-44?

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    I know wolfgang faber, alias wolfi created one some time ago, but it was only a beta I think. Is there another or has a final version of wolfi's model been uploaded?

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    No complaints. I agree, Wolfi's AC is a dandy. I also have Morton's skins. I just wondered if there was something I missed. I'll check out Akemi's model. Many thanks.

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    Greetings- there is another option out there for the Ki-44 for CFS2... it's been around awhile. Just Google 'knokke ki-44' and you should get a link to his site. I think he did every operational version... if I recall he didn't do a bad job!

    Have fun! - Mike Z.

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    Thanks Roxane-21 and Mikezola.......
    Appreciate the feed-back. Actually, I found a file I had saved years ago that led me to another site. Still up by the way, with 5 versions.

    I still think Wolfi's shoki beta is the best looking Ki-44 and Morton's metal skins really dress it up. I also found that UncleTgt did some damage textures to go with Wolfi's beta , but this one at pigeonhole is very good and the cockpit animation is unusual. Especially the two piece 2d panel, and this one has a working VC.

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