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Description: The Leopard was a twin-jet, mid-wing monoplane of composite construction with all-swept flying surfaces and jet fighter-like styling, apart from the podded engines, mounted on each side of the rear fuselage. The entire canopy hinged forward to allow access to the four reclining seats. A mockup was completed in 1982, leading to a prototype (registration G-BKRL) built by the Designability company. The prototype first flew late in 1988. Development suffered a major setback when the engine manufacturer, Noel Penny Turbines, ceased business, leading to the grounding of the prototype. A second, refined prototype (registration G-BRNM) was then constructed to use Williams International turbofans. This aircraft also incorporated a pressurised cabin, revised undercarriage, and a generally strengthened airframe. This second prototype was unveiled at the 1996 Farnborough International Airshow and first flew on 9 April 1997.The project never progressed beyond the two aircraft built, later redesignated Leopard Four to distinguish them from a six-seat variant proposed in 2001, the Leopard Six. The Six would not be able to use the EJ-22 engine due to exclusive deal between Williams and Eclipse. Chief aircraft designer and CMC chairman Ian Chichester-Miles died in 2009, bringing the enterprise to an end."

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