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Description: Another 2 paints for Nigel's Avro Tutor.

Both of these are representative of tails assigned to squadrons at RAF Manston, Kent, in the pre-war years.

K3409 recorded as being allocated to the oldest squadron in RAF @ 1934-35; 2 (AC) Sqn. In overall silver dope finish ; the squadron emblem (the Hereward Knot) is inside the six pointed star symbol
denoting the squadron as one for Army Co-Operation. The current squadron badge would not be approved until 1938 by King Edward VIII. The red colour on wheels and fin denotes it is part of
'A' flight.

K6094 recorded as being allocated to 500 (County of Kent) Squadron @ 1937, 500 Sqn was a reserve light bomber squadron; and in 1937 was mainly operating Hawker Harts / Hinds and had 2 Tutor's on strength for currency training; the other being K6121. Painted in the style of the light bomber squadrons of the time with the squadron number prominently displayed in the colour of the flight it has been allocated to, blue being "C" flight in this case, and the squadron emblem, (the White Horse of Kent) is inside the the grenade symbol denoting the the squadron role as a bomber squadron

Fs9 as I don't run FSX , feel free to convert

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