FSX aircraft with MSFS vc.
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Thread: FSX aircraft with MSFS vc.

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    FSX aircraft with MSFS vc.

    I posted an update about a developer who took a default FSX 747 and joined it to the MSFS 747-8 cockpit.


    Has anyone taken a look at this to see how he did it..?
    There seem to be possibilities here for the individual beyond asking why would you want to.

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    Interesting...but all the FSX aircraft I import to MSFS are older 'more interesting' (to me ) and an MSFS VC wouldn't be appropriate.
    Luckily they mostly come with 3D gauges...which work well in MSFS

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    I've done it with a couple of aircraft as an experiment. The technique is pretty much the same as merging vc's in FSX/P3d. You're rather limited in the choice of vc's though, and the exterior still had the usual port over issues.

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