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    Milviz C310R preview (MSFS version)


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    Day One @YoYo... hopefully it's going to have an accurate GPS, working transponder AND feathering props....


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    Hmm... I wonder if they need a beta tester!

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    Always loved this plane and the rendition of Milviz. Flew a lot of hours in FSX and P3D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anneke View Post
    Always loved this plane and the rendition of Milviz. Flew a lot of hours in FSX and P3D

    And I will fly a lot of hours in it in MSFS2020, when it is released.

    Beautiful looking already.

    And I like being able to see someone in the cockpit while in internal view. I hate the "ghost" flying effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavaricooper View Post
    Day One @YoYo... hopefully it's going to have an accurate GPS, working transponder AND feathering props....

    Maybe if Asobo ever fixes their lite GNS.... OR RXP just makes the GNS or GTN for MSFS!

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    That was the second real plane I flew (after a Mooney 231).

    Fun story, too: I was a new hire at Compute! Magazine around 1990, just out of college. SubLogic came down to show us Flight Assignment: ATP and some of the company's other upcoming products. They flew down in the company's Cessna 310, and I got to go up for a flight around Greensboro, NC and take the controls for all of it except for takeoff and landing. Definitely taught me I was going to enjoy the journalism gig. (And that I needed to learn how to maintain a steady altitude.)

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    You should see GSO now with the new FedEx hub and new runway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Clayton View Post
    You should see GSO now with the new FedEx hub and new runway!
    Somebody needs to update the airport! It's weird that the city has really good photogrammetry (I found both apartments I lived in), but generic buildings at the airport.

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    There are some major highways that are also missing. I-73/I-840 has been open for a couple of years now, but Bing's map data hasn't been updated. I think the PG buildings have less up-close detail than the airport generics, so that's why they're used. I'd buy an addon that featured things like the Hilton, FedEx, and HondaJet logos on their respective buildings!

    Edit - make that the Marriot...
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    I remember GSO back in the 70's when I would spend the summers at my grandparents farm west of High Point. My Grandfather would drive me over to the airport a couple of times before we went back home here in Wilmington. I remember the old terminal building off 68, Friendship, seeing a lot of Eastern and Piedmont Jets out there lined up, 737's, 727's DC-9's, etc. I also remember the old observation on the north side of the airport on a hill above/behind the control tower. It was a great vantage point to see runway 5/23. I remember those old 4 engine turboprops across the other side of the airport, I think they were Canadair CL-44's operated by Tradewinds Airlines which flew raw denim from GSO to other mills in the Caribbean then back into the US. That area has changed so much since those days, most of it nearly unrecognizable now. I haven't flown into real GSO in a good while. Last time was in a Cessna 150.


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    I still remember the rooftop observation deck on the original terminal that was located at Market & Regional. I went up there with my dad to watch my grandparents head back home to Amarillo one time. They flew out on a YS-11 owned by the original Piedmont. There's still a very small amount of the original asphalt parking lot left, but it's completely broken from weather with weeds growing up through the cracks. There's a maint. hangar there now.

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    I went out on that observation deck a couple of times. I'm wanting to think there was a parking fee (timed) at the old terminal which my grandfather kind of hurried our time there at the terminal & observation area. lol. That's how we came to locate that good parking spot behind the control tower which was on a road that ran parallel to Runway 5/23. I also remember the runway light structures over the roads/highway. I also remember being at the tower observation spot and seeing a DC-10 land on 23. That was the first time I ever saw a widebody jet in person. Wish there was a good repository for photos of these old airfields. We have many good photos of ILM during the Piedmont days.


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    When I lived there, there was a Piedmont 737 headed to Charlotte that couldn't get one its main gears to extend; they diverted it to GSO since Piedmont had a maintenance base there plus less disruptive. (Later turned out ground crew was throwing chocks in 737 wheel wells....) There was live coverage on the news as it flew around town burning fuel and trying maneuvers to get the gear to drop. The ex-military pilot tried the tried-and-true "dive the plane and pull up rapidly to try to get the wheels out" technique. (They interviewed an older woman on the flight who apparently consumed her whole flash of vodka thanks to THAT decision.) He then tried bumping the right gear down on the runway to see if that would dislodge the left wheels. No luck.

    Eventually he gave up terrifying his passengers and just brought it down at KGSO on the other main and the nosewheel. Covered live on local news -- I remember watching the landing with coworkers. It was an 100 or 200 with the Me-262 style engine pods, so the plane just settled on the engine and there were some sparks and otherwise no major harm done.

    Except to the underwear of everyone on the plane due to the pilot trying heroic maneuvers to get the gear to drop.

    Sadly, that was one of the last Piedmont flights before the USAir merger completed. What a way to go out.

    (Edit: Turns out there's terrible VHS footage of attempt to slam the gear down and the actual landing: )

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    I remember that. I also know exactly where the first camera was stationed on Old Oak Ridge Rd!

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    I had just flown up there into GSO on a 737-200 just before that happened! That flight was a 737-400 that originated out of then Washington National (now Reagan-Washington National). I always wondered if they had a gear unsafe light for that main gear being stuck like that. That was during my Line PLST days. We refueled the Piedmont/US Air flights at ILM. After that incident, we were given additional safety briefings.


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    Pretty sure there is a safe indicator for all three individually. Boeing even had them on the KC-135 that I worked on that was built before I was born.

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