IRIS Pilatus PC24 - No more sold?
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Thread: IRIS Pilatus PC24 - No more sold?

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    IRIS Pilatus PC24 - No more sold?

    Hello! At the beginning of this year I was going to buy the Iris PC24 and Simmarket was the only place where it was possible to buy it
    but I was prompted that the product at that time wasn't PROVISIONALLY (???) unavailable and they would have sent me a mail when it would have been still available...
    Many months have passed and today I checked first all the most important e-shop then Simmarket and now the product is no more
    present at all. Very odd indeed
    Someone knows someting?
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    I asked David about this a year or so ago. He said he no longer had the licensing rights to the model and would not be updating it to 64-bit Prepar3D V4/V5.

    My version is from 2016, and has a hot-fix from early 2017 that explicitly mentions the 32-bit platforms, but nothing thereafter.
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    I have bought the PC24 during the short time, while it was avaible at IRIS shop itself.
    After that, the PC24 was only avaible at simmarket, afaik.
    I have tried to contact IRIS for several times with all E-Mail adresses
    i could found, but sadly without succses.
    I had unfortunately forgotten my password for my IRIS account and have now no more possibility to get accsess to my account.
    Really not the best kind of customer support. You can imagin my response for such behavior.

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    they would respond on support questions normally and now they have a Jabiru for MSFS2020- so new customers

    I fly PC-24 as it is in P3D V4.5-->so in 64 bit.99 % fine

    my 2 cents


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