USMC F-35B & KC-130J Mid-Air over California
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Thread: USMC F-35B & KC-130J Mid-Air over California

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    USMC F-35B & KC-130J Mid-Air over California

    Yesterday a Marine Corps F-35B and KC-130J collided over California. The F-35B crashed but pilot safely ejected. The KC-130J was seriously damaged with 3 of it's 4 engines damaged causing the pilots to make a forced landing on a plowed farm field. That crew escaped serious injuries.
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    Man... That Herc is a Tough Bird. Look at what they landed on and that airplane sits there in one piece. Just Amazing!!

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    I don't know any details about this accident, but I know for certain the crew did an extremely admirable job of getting their morally wounded bird back on the ground in one piece! Just look at the damage:

    1) The #3 and #4 props appear to be missing,

    2) There's severe damage to the #4 engine nacelle, probably from the #3 or #4 prop leaving the airplane in a hurry,

    3) The #1 prop is severely damaged and may even be missing some blades,

    4) The refueling pod outboard of the #1 engine is missing,

    5) There's a great bloody fuel leak (i.e. ignition source) in the left wing, probably from where the refueling pod was. (Sorry about your field, Mr. Farmer!)

    With all that damage to the engines, I'm assuming two big things we can't see: limited electrical power with multiple generators failed (probably down to the Herc's equivalent of emergency power) and degrading hydraulic power. They probably lost the pressurization, too (props usually don't leave the airplane without putting a hole in it somewhere). With all that, the aircraft is intact and even appears to have landed parallel to the furrows. And everyone (even the F-35 pilot) got out alive. I know you can't argue with the crews' skill, but this is proof positive that God has a special place in His heart for Marines!

    Of course we don't know how much of that damage was done on landing and how much was caused by the collision, but I'm still inclined to offer these guys/gals a lifetime of frosty pints!
    America never stopped being great.

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    Looks like they opted for a gear up,belly landing.

    Good job in a Herk.

    IIRC ( and it's 30 years since I worked Herk), Flaps,gear
    and flight controls all normally hydraulic powered have a
    manual back up.



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