Big Nascar scedule changes for 2021
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Thread: Big Nascar scedule changes for 2021

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    Big Nascar scedule changes for 2021

    Adding in to have a total of 6 road course races, plus 1 dirt. That will be at Bristol, when they throw dirt down on the track,lol

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    Happy to see a reduction in racing on the 1 1/2 mile cookie cutter tracks as I find them to be boring. I lump Michigan in as being a larger size cookie cutter track. Texas Motor Speedway is an unpopular track with many drivers not liking it and over the past decade or so, fans have not been lining up for tickets. I disagree with eliminating one of the races at Dover. The Monster Mile is a fast track, a short track, but races like a big track. It is a test of man and machine.

    Two races at Atlanta, that's a return to the past, but Atlanta is a 1 1/2 mile cookie cutter. Two races at Darlington? YES!!!!! Darlington is a unique track being egg shaped, has a unique pavement and banking, and a unique length at 1.36 miles. This place tests men and machines and is loved by fans and drivers. This is the sort of track NASCAR ought to focus on as the racing is exciting.

    Making Bristol a dirt track? No, what Bristol needs is no PJ1 traction compound. In fact, NASCAR should quit using that mess on all of the tracks and go back to having teams figure out how to adjust their cars for the track. If it is impossible to adjust the cars, then NASCAR has a problem with their cookie cutter cars, which they do.

    More road racing? Ehhhh. Road racing can be exciting, but it can also be boring. We'll see how this works out.
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    Works for me!

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