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    Wings Of Rescue and Berry Aviation

    I got the Carenado Embraer EMB-120 when it first came out because I have always had a fondness for the Brasilia have flown many hours as a passenger in them until they were retired from the Fresno, CA routes. I have all the material I could get my hands on to be as close to reality as possible and IMO the Carenado fits the bill. (Let's not talk about repainting, just FDE).

    Anyway, after downloading the latest update last week, I did a "Google" search for active users of the Brasilia here in the USA and stumbled upon Wings of Rescue and my heart was immediately touched by all the great work they do with dogs, I'm a huge dog lover and always have been. Over OUR dog history we have had 10 rescues, now 2 still with us in the family. Well, onto the reason for the post:

    Struggling through the "paintkit" all of you like Jan Kees and Marius Kramer to name two know what I am talking about. Whew!!!! when its done. Here is my first repaint. This was actually done as the original which originally was owned and operated by United Airlines Express. I probably flew on it a few times back in the day. It was the easiest because of just repainting out all the UAL stuff and adding the logos around the cargo door. There are plenty of photos on the internet to choose from. I wrote to Wings Of Rescue for permission to use the logos and photos and since they lease all the aircraft from Berry Aviation, Inc. of Texas I was referred to them. The president emailed me permission today so here goes.

    This is me landing at Morristown, NJ airport with a cargo of 96 dogs. All the aircraft are configured for cargo, no seats.

    The marshaller is from UGC by FS2Crew which I really like a lot. Here is what our cargo inside looks like (real photo)

    On the ground, shutdown and parked waiting for the ground crew to send the conveyer.

    It was getting warm in the cabin without power and no conveyer yet so we opened up the cargo hatch so our cargo could get some air. Its a long flight from Texas to New Jersey and their new homes.

    Here is a bit about Wings Of Rescue and the great work they do.

    Why we fly - Adoptions! Yesterday, Wings of Rescue in partnership with Mardi Paws flew 96 at-risk dogs and 1 rabbit from overcrowded Louisiana shelters where their futures were bleak. Today many of these same pets continued their flights right into loving families as they were adopted from our friends at Brandywine Valley SPCA! From unwanted to cherished family members in less than 24 hours!

    I downloaded a repaint from ERDM that Marius did. The natural metal is really beautiful. I will post a couple pics tomorrow. I am also working on N651CT, a really challenging repaint with the Carenado paintkit to do. Its almost done and when I get finished with alignment of textures I'll add it to here. They have some videos at the Wings Of Rescue facebook page with it in them. Looking forward to getting out of the paint shed and doing some flying of the B120 very soon. I really enjoy discovering all kinds of work I never knew was going on by just looking for a photo or two for a repaint.
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    Great paint and a great rescue organization.
    Headed off to their website now. I love dogs.

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    Better Late Than...

    Here is Marius Kramer's repaint of a Berry Aviation Inc. EMB-120. N561SW - Embraer EMB-120ER/F Brasilia - Berry Aviation(still in former SkyWest colors) at Hamilton International Airport (YHM) c/n 120335 - built in 1998 for SkyWest - converted to freighter and operated by Berry Aviation since 02/2016.

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    Berry Aviation At Key West

    Here is a screenshot of the final repaint I've done for Berry Aviation at Key West Florida. The scenery is a little dated but the nicest freeware I found of the airport. It WAS created for FS9 but all of it works perfectly in FSX(A) with no "black buildings or scenery items". All the textures are bmp's and the scenery bgl's. It was created by JCMcCormick (CaptCargo) who I would like to give a for a nicely done airport "for an amateur" he says in his README. It is called FREEFLOW Florida Key West and I also installed FREEFLOW Florida which it says is required all of them working quite nicely. I also downloaded and installed Miami City X which is now available for download for free at their website to fly back and forth to the Bahamas.

    This was one of the most challenging repaints of a Carenado aircraft that I have attempted. The cones, chocks and tow tractor are part of their "eye-candy". It's not perfect but I was pleased with how it came out after the struggle of aligning everything. Hat's off to anyone who has repainted this aircraft.
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    New Airports

    Berry Aviation's EMB-120's frequently fly in and out of Denton Enterprise Airport in Texas relieving DFW and the home field is San Marcos Airport also in Texas by Austin. I found a version of KDTO but it was quite out of date so I am just finishing up an updated version from a lot of photos and Google Earth. There will be custom hangers and terminal and this will have its own thread. San Marcos which was an AAF field in WWII will also be done up to date and in the same thread. After spending so much time on seaplanes and ships its fun to be back in Sketchup and Airport Design Editor. Watch for my new post probably on Monday since a lot is going this week at Church with Revival. Here's a teaser

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    Well after 3 years, I am going back to flying my EMB-120 by Carenado with the Wings Of Rescue. While looking at new photos over the last three years, I also came across a Pilatus PC-12 which has been doing pet rescue work as well. I found out that Wings Of Rescue wet leases the EMB-120's but the group of PC-12 Wings Of Rescue pilots co-own the aircraft that I just finished a repaint of on the updated AFG PC-12 to FSX native which also BTW works beautifully in P3D V4.5. The PC-12 is available here in our Warbirds Library. I will be adding my Wings OF Rescue repaint for it. Here are a couple of shots I just took. The shot on the ground is at my KDTO.

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    Back In the Saddle Again

    I reloaded my Carenado EMB120 with the two Wings Of Rescue Textures that I created back when I first bought it. Here is a screenshot of N651CT at my KDTO Denton Airport in front of the tower.

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    G'day, gents.

    I support this group and would love to have any repaints which depict the rescue aircraft.

    I do hope you'll share.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For those who are interested in supporting this wonderful cause, here's the link:

    For those who just want to learn a bit more about the wonderful people who save these animals, I encourage you to watch this moving video:


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    The Repaint Uploaded

    I have just uploaded the PC-12 Wings Of Rescue repaint to the Warbirds Library with a link to the BG PC12 also in the library which I used. Brian asked not to upload the entire aircraft so I have respected his wishes. Download it and then follow my instructions in the README.

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    It's amazing my PC-12 is living on.... I made that model originally for FS 2002
    You can't take the sky from me...

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