AW SPITFIRE-1 has been uploaded
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Thread: AW SPITFIRE-1 has been uploaded

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    AW SPITFIRE-1 has been uploaded

    VERSION 2.4 SEPT 2020

    This aircraft has some minor modifications from Ver 2.3. It also has a lot of new gauges modified from the
    Alphasim Spitfire model.

    This aircraft has a fictitious paint scheme. I hope you guys like it. I got tired with the prior paint scheme.
    The original paint scheme was painted by Alessandro.

    If you like the 2D gunsight, you will need to install the attached gunsight64.bmp into the
    CFS2\texture folder. You will need to save the original bmp file.

    Visual model : acwai (this slightly modified aircraft is interchangeable with VER 2.3)

    Have fun!
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    Aw spitfire-1

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - British

    Description: VERSION 2.4 SEPT 2020

    Visual model : acwai (this slightly modified aircraft is interchangeable with VER 2.3)
    New gauges modified from the Alphasim Spitfire's gauges.
    Textures: All art work are painted by Alessandro Biagi, Phanis, and me. I have included
    some textures files from the Seafire_MKIII (A.F.Scrub, email:
    Damage profiles: acwai
    Airfile by: acwai, it was tuned to fight against the stock CFS2 Zero aircraft in
    the multi-player mode. You can use any Spitfire XIVe airfiles.
    2D panel: new screen captured from the VC

    The sound files are not provided. You can also download the "Griffon" engine sound files from

    Use this program at you own risks, the author is not responsible for any damages done
    to your computer.

    This is a copyrighted freeware program. FREE DISTRIBUTION ONLY. You may upload or post
    this unmodified aircraft to any web sites. This program can not be posted where a fee of
    any kind is required or even nagged for. This includes disk distribution or any other kind
    of fees. It can not be included in a commercial package.

    Have fun!

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit AW SPITFIRE-1
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Thank you Andrew. Just got it.

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    Thank you Andrew. One think I noticed is that the new boost gauge doesn't appear to respond as cleanly t power changes as the older gauge. I have t chop my throttle to have it display anything below 20-24 lbs thrust, where as the older gauge is much more inline with changes in power. Any idea why?

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    Thanks Andrew!

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    Thanks for the comments and feedback.

    To Browncoat: That gauge was from the Alphasim Spitfire aircraft. I have created two new boost gauge from the Russian Yak9 aircraft. You can see if like these or the original CFS1 Spitfire MKI boost gauge. Here is a new image of the gauges. I don't know how to upload just one gauge. Please send me your private email if you want them.
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    Many thanks, your work is always very much appreciated!

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    Excellent bubble-top spit, thanks

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    Thank you sir!
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