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    Exclamation Thread for potential library assistants...

    Good afternoon,

    Since I couldn't do this via PM, I decided to use this chamber to facilitate out little discussion.

    Mick et al,

    Mick - First, which sim do you normally populate? Combat Flight sims or non-combat sims?

    Second, you would not be. I know at least two members are on board, possibly three, so you wouldn't be alone.

    The library responsibilities would essentially be as follows. 90%-95% of your daily activity will consist just of these steps...(I will provide screenshots)

    1) Log in.

    2) Check the "New" button on the Warbirds library link on the home screen.

    3) Look to see which uploads are new; usually you'll see a "new" icon in the top left-hand corner of a recent upload. Also, these will always be displayed as the most recent files to download, and the "hits" number (listed on the right side of the page) will be zero.

    4) Click on the red "moderate" tab, just under the name "Warbirds," next to Administration. If there are uploads to approve, they will be listed here, by category.

    5) Click on the category. It will list the upload consisting of the upload name, (On the left) the description, (In the center) the file size, location it will go into the library under, (On the right) as well as the file size. (I will include screenshots the next time we have new uploads)

    6) Download the file and examine it. Look to see that everything is there. Sometimes, it's just an empty file; it can happen to the best of us. If it is, just send the uploader a PM letting them know.

    7) There is then a box that you highlight. It gives you several options, but the primary one you use 99% of the time is "accept and announce in the forum." (I will discuss the others when we have uploads)

    A thread then gets automatically generated in the Warbirds library. That's the basics, and especially as a backup, that's all you'd need to do.

    Oh yeah...admins and staff get a "free pass" on what they upload, you don't have to approve them. They go right through.

    Now, for those who will be the primary roles, a little helpful hints on the way I've been doing things, and some things to watch out for.

    1) The "edit" screen when you moderate and approve a download (screenshot will follow in the next PM) is the exact same screen you have when you upload a file. So it should be familiar to many of you.

    2) Watch out for downloads that use links to external sites. (Google Drive, etc.) These are not allowed at SOH. They always need to be uploaded to the server. I also don't allow .rar files, and use .zip or .7zip files if they are large. To do this, I just download the file, re-zip it, and re-upload it, and make sure that the filename box (see pic #2) is left blank when I click on "submit."

    3) The editing screen for downloads has a bad habit of not copying the download description into the large box you see when you upload a file. So I usually copy and paste it before I approve an upload, just in case I have to add the description back in.

    4) Watch out for commas in file names and rename boxes. (the ones that are circled in the screenshot) If these are included, some web browsers, such as Google Chrome, will not be able to download the file, and show a 404 "file not found" error. Spaces can do that too, so I use underscores.

    5) Sometimes, certain users can be notorious for using multiple categories for upload placement. If this happens, pick the one you think is the best fit. If you have questions, PM me and I'll put it where I think it should go. You'll pick things up quick.

    6) Picture sizes are supposed to be 300 x 225 in their dimensions for uploading. Sometimes, users may not be able to upload pictures larger than that, but sometimes they can. Occasionally, they will send you a PM on the subject, so it's important to know what advice to give. Tell them to resize their picture to fit those approximate dimensions if this happens.

    Certain users will also use Flikr or other tools to use a URL that is incredibly large. If that happens, right-click on the picture, download it, and put it in the "upload" image section of the edit/uploading screen, and click on submit. It will resize it automatically to SOH standards.

    7) When people upload patches, I usually like to include them in the original upload. I download both, add the fix or update to the original upload in a separate folder, with any additional documentation included, add the underscore "with_fix" to both the file name and the "name" section at the very top of the edit/upload screen, and then click on the "Update to current date and time" before scrolling to the bottom and clicking "submit." This moves the file to first in the library order.

    8) I also usually move the threads from the Warbirds Library to the CFS2 forum to make stickies for the announcements. We can discuss that in another PM.

    Before I go any further, let me know if this makes any sense!
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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks - it looks straight forward enough.


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    Roger boss,

    looks simple enough with a little practise.

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    I would have a go at it.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Pretty clear. With a couple of dry runs it should work well.

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    I'm in for what I can do. I've saved all the instructions.

    I don't have much hobby time but I can usually put in a little time on this and sometimes I could put in more than a little. In a pinch I could usually make some extra time as long as it was just for a while. Like if someone has to step back for a bit for some reason.

    I'm happy to help. It's tempting to consider taking on the main job, but I'm afraid my shortage of hobby time would just mess it up for everyone. But I'll pitch in as best I can. It's encouraging to see that several others are willing to get involved. That assures me that I won't foul it up all my myself!

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    Icon22 Approving uploads...


    You won't need to, I'm saving this thread as a reference until everyone who will be doing this doesn't need it anymore.

    Anyhoo, it was time to approve four uploads today, so let's go through the steps...

    1) Click on "new entries" on the Warbirds library link, and see what is new. (See first pic)

    2) Click on "Moderate."

    3) Now you see what I see. If there are uploads for multiple categories, they will be listed accordingly. Adjusting the category as the librarian is exactly the same as when you upload, not a lick different.

    4) The uploads awaiting approval are listed. The name is on the left, description in the center, the URL, library location, (pending approval) file size, uploader, and date of submission. You'll also notice check boxes on the right, and the option to "check all."

    You can approve uploads individually, or in a group.

    I recommend you download the file first and sort through it, to ensure everything is there to the best of your knowledge.

    From time to time, there will be mistakes. It happens.

    5) On the bottom right, you'll see a listing of options in the box called "Moderate." There are five options.

    Accept and announce in the forum. This is the default option. The upload is approved in the queue, becomes visible to others, and creates a thread in the "Warbirds Library" forum.

    Accept - Same function - No thread generated.

    Hide - This is rarely used, except in cases where a download is so popular it either greatly slows down the server or crashes it. In my tenure, I can only recall one or two situations where this was ever used.

    Unhide - Rarely used.

    Delete - Rarely used, except when I combine patches and fixes as I mentioned in the previous post.

    Once you click on will see a "return" button, and the next screen will say "No entries to moderate." You're done. And, the following threads have been created automatically in the Warbirds Library forum. (See next post for more)
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    Icon22 Moving threads / Stickies...

    Hey guys,

    1) For the main leads on this, moderating tools are almost self-explanatory, but I'll just run through a quick example. These are the four new threads generated in the library from the approval of the uploads in the previous post. Just like what you see, threads with new activity are bold-faced. The only major difference you may see from your normal logins are the check boxes on the right-hand side of your screen.

    2) On the bottom right, you will see "moderation tools." Checking a thread box on the right-hand side will highlight the thread bar in yellow. The tools are...

    Undelete (Rarely used, unless you accidentally botch something)
    Delete threads as Spam (Rarely used)
    Open thread (If it has been closed for some reason)
    Close thread (Rarely used on most days, often only if things get hostile for some reason)
    Approve threads (I can't recall ever using this)
    Un-approve threads (I can't recall ever using this)
    Stick threads (This should be obvious)
    Unstick threads (This should be obvious)
    Move threads (We'll be using this now)
    Merge threads (In the next post)

    3) So, we're going to move UncleTgt's upload threads to the CFS2 forum. The four check boxes next to his four threads are checked, so the threads are highlighted. We select "move threads" and hit "proceed" on the bottom right.

    We come to this screen...

    4) You'll see the option "destination forum" as well as the "redirect" option. (I usually leave this off for CFS2 moderation)

    Click on "move threads" (it will ask for your login password the first time) and the threads will be moved to the destination forum, and are gone from the Warbirds Library forum. (See final pic)

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    Icon22 Reply...

    Hello again,

    So for merging several threads into one, the process is similar to moving threads.

    First, you highlight the threads using the check boxes on the right...


    On the bottom-right hand of the forum under "Moderator tools," select "Merge" and select "proceed."


    You will come to a screen that looks like this...

    In this case, you can see I am merging four threads. I'm going to select one of the four, and then click "merge." I usually do not include redirects, but you may do so if you wish, or create an "expiring redirect" that will disappear after a given time you can select.

    Once you click on "merge," it may ask for your password again, and the threads will merge.

    Note: If you are merging just two threads, it gives you the option of merging it with another URL. Just make sure you have have the URL you want to merge the thread with, and copy/paste it into that box, followed by clicking "merge." Otherwise, the process is identical. The "newest" thread is always listed on top of the list in either case.

    I'll do the last set of tools in the final post.

    Please, once again, ask questions if you have them.
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    Icon22 Editing threads...

    One last post,

    For editing threads, it works just like you'd expect, you can edit the title; I do this for stickies. And you'll notice at the bottom, there is already an option for "sticking" threads.

    You may notice that I have changed the thread title from the original. And be aware that there is a character limit on the length of a title. (I don't know the exact count off-hand)

    I usually leave stickies and thread announcements up for a period of about seven to ten days, sometimes longer if activity in the forum is slow.
    And lastly, you cannot delete the initial post in a thread, otherwise, the whole thing goes "poof."

    That's pretty much it, folks. The other stuff comes up very rarely, and if you don't know how to handle it, I've got your back.
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    Icon22 Reply...

    My timeline,

    I'm looking to hand over the reins fully by the third week of January. My goal until then is to assemble a crew, and then step back and let those who are willing to give things a go to gain some experience. There will be several people having keys... so you won't have to worry about going it alone.

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    Looks reasonably straight forward, what I can't get my head round is that it's been 10 years! I remember joining SoH after being a wall flower for ages, mainly due to having converted Dave Garwood's FS2002 Lanc to CFS2. Joined mainly to join the thread that Buddha13 had about his conversion. I'd implemented a bombsight or something so wanted to offer that up. Some time later this young whippersnapper joined and we ended up spending many nights together on MSN. Have to admit that on more than one occasion I was really rather drunk.

    However turns out this was Ramirez 90210, or something else to do with Beverly Hills. *

    At some point later he turned into the authority figure SOH boss guy, ten years later here we are. 10 freekin years, ouch, feeling old. When I first visited SOH I'm sure I was on an AMD K6-2 @ 450MHz, internet dates that at '98, probably nearer 2003 for that clock speed.


    *actually more to do with a baseball players stats iirc.
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