I survived !
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    I survived !

    Just to let y'all know i'm alive. My Wife and I survived hurricane Laura.(Sulphur La. is only 2 miles from Lake Charles) Rode out the storm and it was the scariest thing we've ever been through. Our house was damaged and all trees are down. Amazingly just got power yesterday with all the destruction it is a miracle. Will not have cable or internet or cable in quite a while. Over at my Mom's to send this.The destruction here is mind boggeling. Thanks be to God we survived and i'll never ride out a big hurricane again! posessions are temporary . Helping one another is more important. This is what we have learned the hard way. We may not have much left and i had to burry my Dad only 5 days before the hurricane but thankful my Wife and i are still alive. Live every day to the fullest because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Regards, Scott

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    Glad to hear youíre both okay, itís not something Iíd like to go through.
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    Pleased to here you are all okay.
    Damage can be repaired.
    Thoughts and prayers with everyone over there.

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    Glad to hear that, Scott! Hope things get back up, okay. Stay safe.

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    Thanks for the news, what a story.

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    Yowza! Glad you guys made it through. Doesn't sound like something I'd like to try!

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    Glad to hear that Scott, must have been terrifying!
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