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    RNAS Grimsetter/RAF Kirkwall FS9

    RNAS Grimsetter (HMS Robin ) and originally RAF Kirkwall

    Originally an RAF fighter station from 1940 to provide cover for Scapa Flow naval base in the Scottish Orkney isle.
    Loan'd to the Fleet air arm in 1943 as a satellite airfield for RNAS Hatston airfield which is about 4 miles north as Kirkwall.
    I originally wanted to model Hatston when i made up the Tirpitz scenery way back in the winter, as Hatston was the original base for many FAA units carrying out attacks on the Tirpitz 43/44, but the stock coast and mesh made that impossable, so i thought i'd just retro the stock Kirkwall instead.

    You will need both my "RAF Bradwell Bay V2" and "RAF Manston 44 FS9" for the objects

    Ive made some very minor change's to the Bradwell Bay building texture's, to make them more weather'd and subdued,
    ive also alpha'd out the signal square from the control tower as i'd like to use these objects for further airfields.
    If you like the change, you can copy from the Grimsetter/texture folder to the Bradwell Bay/texture folder

    The F4U-1A Corsair static is by Fulbert from the stock CFS2 model updated by "The B24 Guy"
    The FAA skin is by Josť Alvarez "Erafitti"

    The Mainhill shelters are by me

    If you download and install the Alphasim freeware Fairey Swordfish, you'll find included a very nice model of escort carrier HMS Amastra, which can be installed in the scenery library and is landerble. Its position is a few miles south of Kirkwall in Scapa Flow
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    Ian, Thanks for this great scenery.

    I feel your pain regarding Hatston, I tried making it for CFS2 many, many years ago and hit the same snags you did. Had to move the base slightly south west to even be in with a shot!!
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    I think thats a pretty good attempt DR, you've got the airfield plan down well, The mesh in FS9 is a lot more obvious, and even worse with add on mesh, a lot of sloping polys which i have no skill or interest in

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    Ta muchly Ian, somewhere I'd never heard of, great stuff.



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    I originally tried to make Hatston to go along with the CFS2 conversion of Jeff Marsh's Skua I was doing. It was the base used for the attack on the Konigsberg. The ship was not available in CFS2, but her sister ship was, the Karlsruhe, which had to stand in. Unfortunately only the Skua conversion was ever successfully completed.


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