Which next campaign development of these 2 would you prefer
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Thread: Which next campaign development of these 2 would you prefer

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    Which next campaign development of these 2 would you prefer

    So I'm ready to start another historical campaign and have two in mind. I'd like to see if you guys have a preference of one over the other.

    The first is for a WWI campaign Eddie Rickenbacker "Fighting the Flying Circus" flying the Nieuport 28 and the Spad XIII against the wily Hun's fighters, reconn, balloons and trench strafing during the last 6 months of the war.

    The second is a WWII campaign for VMF 323 Death Rattlers over Okinawa flying the F4U1-D against the IJAAF and IJNAF fighters, bombers and kamikazes as well as ground support for the Marines fighting to take the island.

    Looking forward to your responses guys.

    Captain Kurt
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    I go for the WW1 campaign.


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    I always vote for the PTO.
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    Since I assume we cannot have both, I vote for the WWI campaign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Wolf 07 View Post
    I always vote for the PTO.
    PTO all the way.


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    WW1 is cool and different.

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    WWI for sure!
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    There is so incredibly little WW1 to get, against tons of Pacific campaigns, so my vote is for WW1.

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    Icon22 Reply...


    I would have to vote for the Great War option as well.

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    WW I as well.

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    WW1 because we presently have so few missions.

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    Hi Kurt,

    Your Rickenbacker campaign suits me. I'm in the middle of a WWI 10 country UIRES screen set with new settings screens. This will make my earlier set for the RNAS and GNAS redundant ( no more plain backgrounds!)

    What airfields are you using if you do this?

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    I'd be making new airfields for the Rickenbacker campaign. At least these:

    Villeneuve-les-Vertus Aerodrome, France
    Epiez Aerodrome, France
    Croix de Metz Aerodrome, Toul, France
    Touquin Aerodrome, France
    Saints Aerodrome, France(advance airfield at Coincy).
    Rembercourt Aerodrome, France

    Possibly also

    Thiaucourt Aerodrome, France
    Tichemont Aerodrome, France
    Mars-la-Tour Aerodrome, France
    Giraumont Aerodrome, France

    Captain Kurt
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Coyote View Post
    WWI please
    What he said! Please


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    Definately NOT ww1, It's fighting in slow motion.
    Killer Svend

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