FR Messerschmitt 'Zwilling' Released
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Thread: FR Messerschmitt 'Zwilling' Released

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    FR Messerschmitt 'Zwilling' Released

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that the 'Zwilling' is now available.

    It's been an interesting exercise in research and in attempting to realistically estimate what performance and layout would have looked like. With the availability of the Messerschmitt 110 and 210, and later the 410, as 'Destroyers' it's a wonder that Messerschmitt even considered this, but there must have been enough value for the prototype to have gone ahead and actually built. The Allied bombing raids put a stop to anything more than that, however.

    Had a very close look at the relationship between the P-51 and the F-82 Twin Mustang to see where engineering necessities and resulting aerodynamics took things. As is well known, there ended up being very little P-51 left in the F-82 by the time all the issues had been worked out. I don't think Messerschmitt would have ever wanted to take things that far, given their other options, and so have tried to make the Zwilling representative of a simpler approach that still fits the original concept.

    There more info in the Manual, which can be downloaded for free on the 109Z page, plus many more screenshots.


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    wonderfully weird!

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