Captain Kurt, a special thank you from me...
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Thread: Captain Kurt, a special thank you from me...

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    Captain Kurt, a special thank you from me...


    As I've been installing the full 82nd FG campaign, I noticed to my delight that you included the aircraft plant and airfield at Wiener Neustadt, in Austria. I had actually built the city for the Tidal Wave / Juggler mission set, where the 15th AF attacked both targets from Benghazi, but I lacked the expertise to build airfields. I ended up building the factory as a separate complex about 5-6km west-northwest of the airfield location.

    However, it's more historically accurate the way you have it set up. Would you have any objection if I incorporated this scenery?

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    Thanks and you're welcome. Now and in the future, you can use anything of mine any time you need or want it.

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    I haven't gotten around to the setup yet Kurt, but thanks for all the effort in advance. Rami, please keep us posted on any material changes to your Tidal Wave work. I wouldn't want to miss any alterations to locations that may affect mission planning/execution.

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