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    Mike Patey scrappy

    Has any one been following Patey's scrappy build?...this would be a great project to replicate in a flight sim,its going to be an awesome plane,and he and his brother are very much involved with getting new pilots etc started,i bet it wouldnt take much to get permission to build one.

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    That is the ultimate cub he is working on. Thanks for bringing it up, I had no idea he was building this or that he had wrecked Draco.

    Latest Scrappy Build Video for those who are wondering.

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    Yep, I've been watching him build it. It's been a pretty awesome build. Especially now that the skin has gone on it and you can see it starting to take shape. He's going to remake Draco with Draco X he's calling it. He can't use the old airframe, so he bought another Wilga that he's going to make even more extreme than the original Draco was.
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