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    Uss forrestal cv-59

    Hello, my best wishes to everyone, I hope you are taking care of yourself, with some time these days I was able to work on the project for the CV-59 USS FORRESTAL, which will be published in SIMMARKET,

    - Uss Forrestal 60`s
    -Uss Forrestal 90`s

    Air Wing for that period of time with different aircraft

    Animations and Lights include in the model


    -Elevators. *
    -Elevators doors. *
    -Blast hangar doors. *
    -LSO officer. *
    -Perimetral White lights. *
    -Carrier number light. *
    - Positioning lights. *
    -Reflectors lights in the castle. *
    -SAR Helicopter. *
    * Animation controlled by the user.
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    i just saw that the new model is on Simmarket.

    Told in discreption that there is a version from the 60th and one from the 90th.

    Could you please post some pictures from the model from the 1960th before i will buy this one ? Both versions are very different in real. Guns, radar, layout of the island and so on.


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    CIMOGT did a very nice work with this carrier. The USS Foresstal comes in the outfit from the 90th. Very nice.

    But as ever.... that was not enough for my fleet. Would like to have a version of the Forrestal of the 60th too. And much more ... all the other ships of this class also. So i asked CIMGOT for permission to change his models to all this versions an i got his permission to do so... but even for my own use.
    First .... that`s ok. Second ... i started to change.

    Some shots from his original model from the 90th.

    What a beauty.... Wonderful model.

    After doing a lot of changes, i now get the right one from the 60th. USS Forrestal with guns and another bridge layout, as she looked in the 50th and 60th.
    Also with the right outfit of her backside.

    To the left the USS Forrestal or the USS Saratoga (numbers not ready now... have to change this). Right side the USS Ranger and the USS Independence.

    I think i will send the changes from all this models to CIMOGT when ready and perhaps (if he will find these ships god enough), he can update these models to all his customers for free. (Just a sugestion)
    That will bring another complete carrier class to sim.
    We`ll see what will be in future.


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    And first changes (work will go on... no changes on the island till now) to the 90th model from CIMOGT.

    The USS Ranger and the USS Independence


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    Wished there was a 1980's air wing (CVW-17) added as well. From the late 70's to 80/84 time frame.

    Then, I'd be interested in buying this one.

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    Smoke effect

    Was there supposed to be any smoke stack effect?

    If not, then how could one be added?

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    Aircraft included in the air wing for the 60`s


    Aircraft included in the air wing for the 90`s


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