Manfred Jahn Douglas C-47 for Prepar3D Version 5
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Thread: Manfred Jahn Douglas C-47 for Prepar3D Version 5

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    SOH-CM-2020 gman5250's Avatar
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    Manfred Jahn Douglas C-47 for Prepar3D Version 5

    This should make some people very happy.

    Manfred has sent me the preliminary, pre-beta C-47 Dakota for Prepar3Dv5. I am doing basic testing, which at this stage looks very, very good, but while I have the model Manfred asked me to work out the complexities of updating the skins to be V5 compatible. The new model has the blue channel switch enabled, so we are fixing the notorious black metallic night textures but that plagued V4 and V4.5. I've taken the profiles I developed for the Boeing Stratos and applied them to all of my DAK textures I had done for previous earlier versions.

    These skins are not back compatible to V4.5 and earlier, but I had updated those a while back, so all of my skins are available for FSX, P3D all versions and of course, V5.

    For the skinners out there, I'll be doing a tutorial on V5 blue channel techniques once the DAK and Stratos are released. I'm also updating my other models that I have recovered or data crash. It's a big nut, so bear with me friends.

    I felt the DAK needed a priority, and Manfred is obviously keen to get the new "old girl" out the door, so here we are.

    OK, here's the vid. Realize that I have upgraded all of my previous skins and added some new ones for V5. They are not all shown here, but the video speaks for itself.

    FYI...Manfred is on Holiday for three weeks so it would be mucho appreciated if we respect his privacy. I'll be happy to field any questions you might have here, so ask away if the urge arises.


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    I am so excited, I just have to post my reply from the FSX section here as well:

    ******** posted: "This should make some people very happy."

    That must be the understatement of the year, Lol.

    Omg I am so excited to have this beauty in my P3Dv5 PBR hangar, and take her out for a spin.

    I was glued to the screen, watching the video. By now I have watched it 3 times.

    I can't wait

    Christmas in July is a fact

    Thank you and Manfred for bringing the DAK to P3Dv5 PBR.
    One day without laughter, is one day without living.
    One day without Flight Simming, is one day lost living.

  3. #3 I reading that GMAN has made the A2A Strat so it works in P3D v4 and v5? I just reading what I hope it says?


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    Youíre just hoping...itís M Jahnís Stratocruiser....


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    Forgot about that one. When I first started in Flight Simming I had that...and it was awesome. Oh-well...I keep hoping.


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    Just bumping this thread to see if there is any news.


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    Awesome news!
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    Manfred and Gordon-

    Manfred, I hope you were able to rest, relax and recharge!

    It's no secret that I'm I'm in love with your C-47, and I DO APPRECIATE your efforts to move it into P3D v5- thanks! I am also aware of the distressing situation with others "porting" the C-47 into MSFS and can only offer my sympathies and support in the face of such terrible behavior. In my research of MSFS I came to read that there were attempts to allow for older versions of airplanes in MSFS, and was hoping that there would come a time, where the current C-47 could spread her wings and fly on to MSFS. I do realize that in it's current iteration, MSFS is many months from becoming a true flight simulator (it is a brilliant earth simulator), but when it finally blossoms, I shall miss your C-47 terribly if it were to not make the transition. It is therefore with cautious optimism that I raise my hand and ask for some consideration in this matter.

    The enormous world wide audience in this new platform will go quite some way towards highlighting your altruistic work for the Flight Sim community all these many decades. Never in the field of Flight Simulation, has so much, been owed by so many, to so few.

    Stay well, and stay safe!

    Ta- C

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    I wonder my P3d5 crashes when I choose this aircraft.

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    Charter Member 2010 thunder100's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    have a look to the panel.cfg and temporarely slash out // gaugesXX= where the noise or fuel dump is

    //gauge02=GCA_dsd_P3Dv4_xml_x64_sound!Sound, 1,1,1,1,.\Gauges\GCA\gcacalls.ini

    gauge03=C47_dsd_P3Dv4_xml_x64_sound!Sound, 1,1,1,1,/DGSounds/CockpitSounds_C47.ini
    gauge04=DGSounds!KeyEvent_SND_C47, 0,0,1
    gauge05=dsd_p3d_battery_charger_x64!charger, 0,0,1,1
    gauge01=C47_dsd_p3d_fuel_dump_x64!display, 10,850,515,63

    One of them ocassionally does not work on all P3D's

    only my experience


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    By going through different forums I spotted a user who had crashes due to windshield effect. I deleted the .ini and dll and the plane loaded.

    But what is the thing with PBR, the plane looks almost grey...

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    Great news one of my favorite aircraft thanks for the update
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    Mvc c-47

    I am currently flying this with a modern panel in my NEW P3DV4.5 and it works perfectly as well as my Empire Airways texture I did for FSX back last year. So pleased with it working here too. Now with the GPU doing the work and not the CPU overworking like in FSX, I am getting Frame Rates in the 40's and 50's and such beautiful scenery including my addon airports that I created for FSX like my home airport of 60J in Ocean Isle, NC. Great job on this team and so glad it "ported over" for me to still enjoy even more than before. I can't run V5 with it just a bit too powerful for my Dell 990 and the AMD Graphics Card I was able to afford from eBay to update this donated office computer from a church member. As the saying goes, "It's NEW to me!" Just in time too with the Windows 7 laptop MoBo totally fried in a power surge even though I use protection for that, it was just too much. EVEN fried the RAM. I put out the call at church and was blessed with the generosity of the Dell. My friend found me the re-furbished AMD Radeon Video Card on eBay. So all is well in my Flightsim world.

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