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    Lightbulb F1: Austria - Styrian GP

    - Ferrari?
    - Great drive by Max against Bottas
    - Time to get rid of DRS?
    - Williams?

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    Ferrari is currently a mess. the car is not good enough and they have two frustrated drivers who both need to prove something.

    When I see how much time Bottas gained at the end as he had the better tires (and car?), compared with the 5 second he lost, while driving longer at his first set of tires, I wonder whether the early tire change for Max was really the best strategy. It was a great move from Max to re-overtake Bottas, but the difference in speed at that moment was just too big. So it was useless, but entertaining for the audience.

    Now we are racing the same circuit twice, it would be an option to do one race with DRS and one without. This would provide some insight, without too much effort and investments........

    Russell is a talented driver, but Williams doesn't (or can't) deliver the hardware which gets him and his colleague driver from the last positions. The team has lost its momentum and I wonder whether they will find enough money (or the brilliant designer) soon to get the team running again.

    Just my personal view on things, I'm sure people will think different.


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    Ferrari.... one driver that's on his way out (Vettel) and one that needs a better car ( LeClerc), they're both trying to
    impress, but for different reasons. Team seems disjointed.

    Drivers merry go round has started before the racing proper this year.

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