Using CFS2 obs in FS9 (X)
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Thread: Using CFS2 obs in FS9 (X)

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    Using CFS2 obs in FS9 (X)

    Im using a converted bgl of CFS2 stock objects for my own personal use, but i was wondering where i stand on using it in freeware scenery. For all i know someone else has already done it, it was easy enough to do, but i thought i'd check first

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    I've never made a scenery using CFS2 objects, but I have Maskrider's CFS2 NAS Glendale scenery, presumably made with CFS2 objects, in FS9 and it works.

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    Yes there have been bits and pieces done, by various CFS2-ers, also from CFS1 to CFS2...I've used FSX stuff etc.

    If you're talking about if M$ will be bothered...CFS2 a 20 year old defunct sim into Fs9, a 17r old defunct sim, for no profit or commercial purpose...hmmmmmm..ha ha.

    TBH most of the stuff we do breaks someones copyright.



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