SJ Spitfire and Fw 190 compatibility?
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Thread: SJ Spitfire and Fw 190 compatibility?

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    SJ Spitfire and Fw 190 compatibility?

    I've installed the SJ Spit Mk II package and it's been a lot of fun! I've been wondering if it's compatible with the Fw 190 package, as the two different sets seem to use different external programmes in order for them to function. If installed alongside each other, can the Real Systems module replace those included with the Fw 190?

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    You can have both installed at the same time, but the real systems module does not replace the Fw 190 module. You will still need to follow all of the instructions for using the Fw 190 module.

    When we did the Fw 190 it was all brand new code, but we made some major discoveries during the development of the Spitfire which led to the Real Systems Module being created, which made it much more capable and user friendly. I do hope to revisit the Fw 190 and upgrade its code to the new standard and make it part of the Real Systems Module at some point, but for now they are two separate systems.

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