USS_Saratoga_CV3_2020 released by Shadow Wolf 07!
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Thread: USS_Saratoga_CV3_2020 released by Shadow Wolf 07!

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    USS Saratoga CV-3

    I've started work on an update of my older campaign, centered around this ship. I've completed 4 missions so far...
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    Is this desperate battles?

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    No. This is an update of a different campaign, released a few years ago.
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    OK . Did not remember that one.

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    Blasting Buka, 1 NOV 1943.
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    Torpedo run in Rabaul anchorage...
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    I finished the raids on Rabaul. I have 21 more missions to go... the more complex ones.
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    These were originally done on a stock scenery install. You can see the placement og the infrastructure objects. I am currently re-doing the missions on a Rhumba mesh install. I either need to convince UncleTgt to do Engebi and Nauru Is like he did Wake and Marcus or switch back to a stock install for this campaign.
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    Icon9 Reply...

    Shadow Wolf 07,

    Yeah...the entire islands have shifted something fierce there. I would have thought that at this point in the CFS2 universe, scenery would have been done there, but such does not appear to be the case. It looks like MaskRider did the Gilberts, but I checked the Micronesia pack as well, as I don't think those Islands are covered.

    Sorry, dude.

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    Rami: They aren't.

    Anyway, I was out tody. dive bombing the JMK_Ryujo and I got her! . Unfortunately her escorts (Maxstuka's HIJMS Tone) got me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Wolf 07 View Post
    Anyway, I was out tody. dive bombing the JMK_Ryujo and I got her! . Unfortunately her escorts (Maxstuka's HIJMS Tone) got me.
    You should recover from your dive earlier. If you fly too low you will be easier to shoot at by the AAA. Releasing your bomb at a higher altitude may affect your precision, but 1- you will survive for another try another day, and 2- you have teammates so at least one of you will manage to hit the target.

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    You are right. I should. I just wanted to make sure I got a hit.

    The campaign is about half way finished. I am in the process of testing the completed missions and making necessary changes. I still have an extra set of runways on Engebi that I can't seem to be able to get rid of... I may just ignore them and move on.
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    Looking for: RAF_Pilot and wep_br1 weps. Anyone know where to find them? I am using Baldy's Fairey Barracuda and it requires them...
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    Shadow wolf... that the pilot over at Martin Wrights site? There is also a RAF_pilot in the Spit weapons pack. Could they be the same? Don't know just trying to be helpful here.

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    "Me? I'm just a Sea of Tranquility in an Ocean of Storms, babe."

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    ....glad you were able (of course) to post the links. My computer gave up the p/ s ghost and haven’t been able to get a replacement. Reading off a Ipad and unable to get anything off my drives. No power= no CFS

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    Got them... thank you Rami!!!
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    I took some recon photos for Sabang, Sumatra and finished 3 missions there.
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    I have finished the missions and am going through them, flight testing and making the necessary changes to the missions and downloads list. I'm about half-way finished with that process. I am hoping UT will soon upload his "Atolls" scenery - I am specifically interested in his versions of Nauru and Engebi/Eniwetok.

    After those, I have to create the campaigns' .cmg files. As in the USS Essex campaign, I intend to publish the packet with 4 campaigns - a random, dynamic, mixed campaign and 4 smaller mini-campaigns, where the player can chose to fly either a fighter, dive bomber or torpedo bomber. Altogeter the mixed campaign will consist of 21 mission out of about 55 possible choices.
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    I have most of the G2K work done, just Wotje Atoll left to do. There is custom Landclass & Waterclass for each (using EZ Landclass2), but I still need to do the airfields & GSL scenery.

    That's putting in 4+ hours each day since my screenshot, so you can imagine we're still a few weeks away from upload ...

    I haven't looked at Nauru yet, especially as it's so far south of the Marshalls

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    Wow! Thanks for the update UncleTgt. I've run into a few snags - 2 missions i have to rebuild and the readme;s and supporting documents and files - so there is no rush for the scenery. Of course, I'll probably have to redo the missions over Engebi and Nauru once you've finished, but several weeks is no trouble at all. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Waiting patiently:

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    Update to follow...
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    I am currently test flying and adjusting the missions in the Mission #15 (out of 20) series - the joint US and UK attack on Surebaya, Java. I will move on next to the attacks on the Japanese home islands and come back to the Marshals when UT uploads his new scenery pack. I have to work on the supporting documentation - the readmes - and the .cmgs for the campaigns.

    Screenshot: Raid on Surebaya port facilities.
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    UT's Emgebi:
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    Progress Update

    Well, I've been lazy the past week or so but I did manage to get 4 missions done and some recon photos to support them. With UncleTgt's new Marshall Islands and his Nauru-Ocean Island scenery I've had to change several missions - a great improvement by the way. Also I now have a great background scenery for Wotje Is, so I just had to do a mission set using it - 3 more missions-currently in progress.

    I should have the package ready for publication by the end of the month. Unfortunately, it WON'T be and auto installer - I don't know how to put those together and am too old and lazy to learn There is a long list of ships to download and you'l have to remove most of the stock ships to make room in your CFS2 SHIPS folder to make room for them: banghead: A clean or "virgin" install is recommended with OR without the Rhumba mesh installed .

    When I get home, I will post some screen shots of Engebi, Nauru and Wotje.


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