Hanriot HD.2 released by Westfront!
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Thread: Hanriot HD.2 released by Westfront!

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    Hanriot HD.2 released by Westfront!

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - World War I

    Description: The Hanriot HD.2 design was based on that of the HD.1, but was a purpose-built floatplane. It had larger tail surfaces and a shorter wingspan with greater area.

    The HD.2 was operated by the French and US Navies, the US purchasing 26 aircraft and operating them from Naval Air Station Dunkirk alongside French HD.2s based at the adjoining Centre d'Aviation Maritime.

    The model is based on the HD.1 which is multi-LOD with working virtual cockpit and breaking parts. The aircraft has a Windows 7 safe panel.

    Tail modification by Martin Klein.

    Flight dynamics and water effects by Stephan Scholz.

    Panel and custom gauges by Martin Klein.

    Textures by Martin Klein.

    The liveries are that of French and US aircraft based at Dunkirk, with the exception of one post-war French model based at St Raphael in the south of France.

    Enjoy, Allen

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Hanriot HD.2.zip
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    Hanriot HD.2

    In case you haven't noticed, Allen, Martin Klein and Stephan Scholz have produced a lovely little floatplane.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hanriot HD.2 11.jpg   Hanriot HD.2 BAM.jpg   Hanriot HD.2 D24.jpg   Hanriot HD.2 D47 France.jpg   Hanriot HD.2 D.30.jpg   Hanriot HD.2 D47 US black.jpg  

    Hanriot HD.2 Heart.jpg  

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    She is a sweet little plane in take offs and landings. Just the ticket for the USNAS in 1917-18. Good to see Kevin's Dunkerque base being populated!

    Kevin, where is that hilly coastline in your first screenshot?

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    Looking east from St Raphael Mike.

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    And the panel is fitted with its authentic instruments
    Martin Klein
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    Captain Kurt
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    Icon22 Reply...


    My apologies, I did not mean for this to slip through the wickets, great work!

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    Thank you! I always loved WW1 seaplanes.

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    Glad to see this get done!
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