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Description: Here is the updated version of the German Air Force Calibrator 14+01 of the 4. FmL/VsuRgt 61 (4th Squadron Radio Training and Trial Regiment 61)! Again, this one comes with an updated PBR model by Manfred Jahn, including the German Air Force antenna configuration and an openable left cockpit side window.

The textures represent 14+01, one of the German Flight Calibration aircraft and equipped for ILS calibration (which not all of the calibrators were at the time), thus featuring a second ILS antenna on top of the fuselage. The aircraft was used to calibrate various navigation and approach systems (i.e. ILS, NDB, PAR, etc.) on German military airfields until 1976. It was based at Lechfeld AFB in southern Germany. This aircraft (14+01) is actually preserved and is on display at the aircraft collection of the Deutsche Museum in Munich, Germany.

Based on Manfred Jahn's PBR C-47 (KN660) and Ted (Tufun) Wolfgang's HD rivets layers for the 'KN628 Monty' paint, both available at the Sim Outhouse library.

CREDITS: Credits to everyone involved in the fantastic C-47 project with special thanks to Manfred Jahn!

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