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Description: This is a revised Manchester using pieces from the Lancaster and other parts. I have uploaded what I believe is all you need, but with so many new gauge texture files. This was made for ETO sound file paths. Included is an engine file, weapons (need AvHistory installed), pylons, and Manchester_shared. I have 5 up in a formation an no hit on frame rates. Landing lights (shift+G).

If you find issues just let me know.

Just add the files to the folders in the aircraft folder in the game, weapons and pylons in the right places. Manchester shared in the shared folder and Clight in a clight folder.

Tks to Mathias Pommerien for giving me the Lancaster in the first place.

John Whelan for making it look good.

Rob Stevenson for making it a package. (I fiddled with his stuff so if it is not right it is on me)

James Allen a good mate.

Tally Ho!

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