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Description: Virtavia Phantom II Reloaded V1.1 for FSX and all version of P3D

Version 1.1 highlights:
Added virtual cockpit night lighting.

Added cockpit sounds.

Added sound barrier visual and sound effects, with kind permission by Rob Barendregt.

Standardized loadouts across packages.

Reworked loadouts to use the original texture set as much as possible.

Added AIM-120 and AGM-65 stores options.

Reworked afterburner, now the aircraft features a true 4-stage afterburner.

Reworked afterburner visual effects to match the new afterburner functionality.

Added new flight models for more realistic afterburner response.

Added new RF-4B model with extendable nose gear.

Fixed various minor bugs.

Before installing, please review the enclosed "Readme_and_installation_guide.txt."

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Virtavia Phantom II Reloaded (FSX, P3D all versons) V 1.1.zip
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