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    In the real world

    The black swan of Covid has alighted and blown us all out of the water, the ramifications are going to last a long time. I have the good fortune to not to have got the bug nor my family but I know some who were not so lucky. But at my age having traversed the big pistons to turbines and other stuff and seen the history close up it to see it end this way was simply tragic and for old crusties like myself this is it, there is no comeback now. I had been ready to retire for some time but rather it was of to be of my choosing rather than an inglorius end like this. No chance of a few ales or even a meal together just a wave and exchange of contact details.

    So. Goodbye to big wide bodies, new designs and it will be very difficult for those with older and or more interesting aircraft to keep them going if at all. Only those still in the military at the moment have a secure berth. My heart went out to my younger colleagues as we took our last pay checks and said good bye, I looked at the aprons full of aicraft and paused to think of those young men and women who had reached their goals a command on a decent aircraft with a decent company. Those of us lucky enough to have spent our life in the sky have seen plenty of busts before but this is different - very different. It has been a wonderful time but its over, which of course will have major impacts on aircraft manufacturers and the general aviation sector both, the whole industry top to bottom from big cities to small rural fields and bush operations. I cannot see a return to the heyday of aviation so flight sim has become very precious and I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all those involved who have kept FSX alive and the hope of us boosting into P3D or maybe even the new MS sim, though I will probably stick to FSX and now upgrade to a new rig to run P3D. From an entertainment, interest and historical point of view flight simulation which I have been involved in even prior to MS is now a very robust and splendid resource but if we want to continue then we will need to support developers of all types and splendid sites like this as best we can, it is not a large cost but critical.

    I have formed a few friendships with a lot of members here who I know were in the business but their silence speaks volumes.

    The reason I even penned this was to express how I feel the simulation world had captured and will keep alive those memories for all of us. It is precious and it was a wonderful era. So simulation will keep my passion alive and my head in the clouds!

    Thanks to all of you!

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    WELL SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Icon26 Amen to all that

    Quote Originally Posted by T Square View Post
    WELL SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am 78, and retired 8 years ago, I managed to push it until I was 70, and it wasn,t health that got me but audits, you know the ones-ď well the insurance brokers are concernedĒ etc.etc. Still, I was lucky to work for a good company, and at least finished on a high note. And yes, I still miss it. Flight Simming has been a life saver. I can finally fly many of the aircraft that I dreamed of as a lad, and didnít get a chance to fly during my career. So thank you all, for your enthusiasm, your support, your boundless talent, your tremendous generosity, and your friendship. All this is always important, but never more so than during this current crisis. Thanks again.

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    Your message goes so deep to the countless people affected by this virus. The world has changed forever, a new reality has set in. The aircraft market is swirling around the drain and I donít see a big return to pre-Covid levels. There are so many aircraft sitting around that will never return due to reduced schedules.

    flight sim is a great outlet for us that love aviation and the beauty of flight. 80% of realism for less than .00001% of real world expenditures. My thanks go out to all those companies big and small that have supported flight sims and continue to provide us with countless hours of enjoyment. Special thanks to those companies that stepped up to the plate by making it even more affordable with stay at home sales. I hope those companies have enjoyed great sales numbers.

    With the coming of ms2020 I see even more people joining the flight sim experience. I, for one, continue to be part of this community for a long time. Although recently switching to X-PLANE-11 I support all sims out there and will continue to do so.

    everyone please continue to be safe. Covid 19 is still among us.

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    Indeed! Let's keep safe and healthy. And for your fellow man when you venture outside: wear a mask. It's not for you, it is to protect others!

    It's not political or cultural at all, it is caring for your fellow man/woman/child.


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