The Famous Flight #19 MidContinent ride.
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Thread: The Famous Flight #19 MidContinent ride.

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    The Famous Flight #19 MidContinent ride.

    Hello Folks,

    Welcome to the new adventure of the famous and only Flight 19. One flight has been competed, but Monday Flight 19 will spread their wings and head into the wild yonder. Hope to see you all around.

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    After a tenuous start out of Chicago Midway by way of Springfield (The Land of Lincoln) and Cape Girardeau,

    "I put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded a plane...

    On approach with the Memphis Pyramid, arena turned giant Bass Pro Shop, in the background; and then safely parked in a non-FedEx corner of the many ramps.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 19 MIDCONTINENT -1.jpg   19 MIDCONTINENT-2.jpg  

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    Buzzing along in the L-10.

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    Hi there Me and a General from WWII, "I shall return." But when is the question.

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    Hey there! And a happy and warm June. hehe

    As most of you know that R/L issue usually takes priority over doing our flightsims. Been busier than a Beaver here lately so my flight time is limited.

    Enough of the local bull, hehe, and here is a flight I just took to catch up with Flight 19. As the picture shows I was flying a CV-240 with Western Airlines texture.

    The first part of the flight was just great a perfect day for the flight, but about half way from LVKS, Vicksburg to KLET Lafayette. Lo. it turned almost into almost a tornado the wind push so hard on the front of the plane driving it upwards and a surprise each time it darn near stall the plane and I was somewhat high on the MP at the time. Man! just couldn't realize that rain can come down that heavy, at least it washed the dirt and bugs off of the 240. But, after the passenger filled the burp bags the weather clamed down and we made a nice landing. Hehe, I will bet a few of the passengers headed for the local bar!

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    Good morning all.

    By golly, we got into the sky on last night's flight. The flight was from KLET Lafayette, Louisiana, to KHSA Bay St. Louis Ms. Just two of us got off at Lafayette, but later that miss placed UK person caught up with us, so it made a lot more enjoyable flight with Larry with us. The flight was kind of uneventful on Dudley and my part. Can't say if the others had any problems during the flight. It was sure nice to be flying again after a few weeks hiatus.

    Ok on to the next flight. We should be leaving KHSA Bay St. Louis and heading to KHEZ Natchez, Ms. A lot of history around Natchez with the outlaws doing their business. Also, there are many other historical sites in the area.

    So we will catch you all later

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    Oops, bad day at Bay St. Louis. Dirty fuel, and all planes needed to be drained of the bad fuel which should take the whole day. Then waiting for the fuel truck with the clean and good fuel, who know how long before they get here.

    The plan still is to fly to kHEZ Natchez, Miss. As soon as possible, So stay tuned.

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    Hello everyone!

    A very nice flight to Natchez, Miss. Hopefully, we get a chance to see some of the historical Monuments in the area. Three of us took off from KHSA with a fresh load of fuel and I know that convair burg a few time, but she cleared out and away we went. Had some handling issues with the 240 one was it was tricky trying to maintain a consent throttle control. Just get her settled and bingo she would speed up or slow was down to almost a stall speed. Anyway, that sure kept us busy to keep checking the RPM and the MP. but we made it. On landing had a few problems and ended up clearing some of the local brush which was interesting, it was mentioned that I shouldn't bring any lime bugs over to where their were parked. hehe, really nice to have a sense of Humor. LOL

    Now, we are headed to the Big Easy, KMSY New Orleans. So you all travel with us, and try to keep us out of trouble when we reach the New Orleans.. Hah, who ever heard of the fellows from Flight 19 ever getting into trouble. Of course, you all believe. hehe.

    The picture was taken just before take off at KHSA.

    Stay turned folks.

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    Hello all,

    Not much to say about last nights flight it was one of the best flight's, hehe very little wind and the overall weather was great for flying. Neat for a change, it seem most of the time when Flight 19 takes to the air all heck breaks loose with the weather. But, that's the game when flying under the real weather mode.

    Conversation was very little, I believe most of us was thinking about the fun times we may have in New Orleans. Along the line some where I heard over the radio "Buy bread and head to the French Quarter." Now me, being a Yankee from the land of Enchantment sure don't know about bread and the French Quarter in the land of the "Big Easy."

    OK, now for the information on the next flight. We are to leave New Orleans, now that is if all the pilots and crews aren't in jail for some reason, Oh well, we should be on our way to KLUL, Laural, Miss. where I under stand that a TV program is made in the area. Here hopping for a nice flight. See you all later.

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    Hey all!

    As Dudley and I were preparing to head for the departing runway when we got a call from the tower. "Convair 803 please shut your engines down. You have some important folks that need to talk to you. "Rgr. 804." I gave a quick look at Dudley just to see if he knew what the head was going on. Hehe, got that why in the heck look at me!

    Wow! looked like the local Sheriff and the head Rabbit of the State Police, and two guys in suits. We deplaned and met them in the shade of one of the wings. At first they didn't say a thing, so me with my big mouth, and said, "What the heck is going on? Oops, I sure got a dirty look from these boys. Well anyway, we were asked if were the owners and pilots of this Convair? Of course, we answer in a polite manner Yes we are. Well, to make this short, after checking the bill of sale and our license. We were told we didn't own the Convair, Oops! I question them what the hell we have the bill of sale and a copy of the transition which noted we paid cash and in full.

    As we came to find out old Eddie the weasel, sold us the convair in good fate, But now, that's what we call him now plus some words that are not very nice to print. We were told that Eddy was known as a com-man, no kidding, So he took our money and headed out of town is what you are telling us ,right! I question them what the heck can we do about this. Answer, Just hang tough, and if we can prove what Eddy did you will be in the clear, and if not you will be arrested and taken to jail for steading an airplane. Well folks, How did your day go Hehe.

    I guess we will be staying here as flight 19 continues onto KLUL Laural, Miss.

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    Hi everyone,

    After a three day hiatus we finally got all the paper work straighten out and ready to go. But first, we needed to get some lunch for the flight, and you guess it Peanut butter sandwiches and some coffee to keep us awake. During these problem we didn't get much sleep. Sounds funny saying this, but we sure in heck glad to get out of the Big Easy!

    One thing we didn't know while being confined to a motel room was that Flight 19 stayed down in order to helps us if we needed it, but alas, the long fingers of the local law got the problem corrected as we noted before.

    The flight to KLUL Laural, Miss. was just as normal as you could have ask for, and the peanut butter sandwiches sure tasted good and the coffee kept us awake, but did create a problem as come with drinking to much, hehe. It's a good thing the 240 has a restroom.

    OK, here goes, the next flight will be from KLUL, Laural to KBTR Baton Rouge LA. Sure will be nice to see Baton Rouge we have heard a lot of good thing about it.

    Sorry, no picture! I screwed up some where concerning the camera, which Dudley had a comment, What the heck is new about that.

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    Here we is again. hehe.

    Crying out loud, what a wild flight from KLUL to Baton Rouge, KBTR. It sure started out OK, not to bad, but along the line some where we got word about the possibility of some thunder storms. We were seeing lighting strikes to our port side and the starboard side which were a long way off. A little rock and roll because of the weather, but not real bad. Then all heck broke loose, T/storms, heavy rains and plenty of close Lighting strikes. Then we sure could have won any competition in a rock and roll contest, the wind, rain bounces us around like a basketball rolling down some stairs. Well, I think we lost some of our nice paint on the 240 we got wacked with some heavy and big hail.

    It was a hellva of a ride, believe me. Again the burb bags were full again. As we started our descent it was hard to maintain any kind of descent about the time we got control of heading down the bloody wind would force us up. You can believe us we sure earned our 2 cent this day. The all three of us made it down with a bounce here and there, but Old Dudley and I were sure glad to be on old ground again. Our favorite quote is "That wasn't any fun at all."

    Ok, all of the aircraft didn't show any real damage. So we continue work on the next flight. Here it is, KBTR Baton Rouge to KPQL Pascagoula, Ms. Now realize this, we will still be flying in the tornado ally of the Midwest and the South of the USA. LOL could get a little rough.

    You all stay tune to, and hope we have nice weather. hehe. Pictures, One is of the flight. The second one the rain etc at Baton Rouge.

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    Good morning

    We had an fairly normal flight, at one point had some hail and rain, but it didn't last to long. It was reported that there was a couple of nasty weather cell approaching our flight. Any way, I didn't see any real change in the weather the cells didn't materialize near us. Hehe, nice to have thing go our for a change! I am going to be a little short today which will be a little strange, but what the heck.

    Picture, the 240 flying low and checking out the town area.

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    Oops, forgot.

    The next planed flight for Flight 19 we will be heading North! KPQL Pascagoula to KMEI Meridian, both in Ms. So join us, all pilots are welcome!

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    Well, here we sit due to nasty weather occurring over most of the South, and a few minor problems with some of the aircraft. I don't believe these minor problems with the plane are of a very serious nature. or lets hope so.

    This is Sunday, and hopefully we can get back into the air tomorrow! Just hang in there with the flight crews on the wait. hehe.

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    oggone! the snapper took the pictures and added them some where, but I sure can't find, So no pictures.

    hello all

    Old Dudley and I caught a taxi from the hotel to the airport, we were a little earlier than the other pilots. We just wanted to come around and kick a few tires on old 804 convair that we have been flying across these old USA.

    Later in the day we all (4) took off for Meridian, MS. from Pascagoula, Ms.... And of course were hopping for some nice weather in order to get to see some of the state of Mississippi, who by the way, who is going to change their flag. I have my own thoughts about it. As an History student many a year ago I just hate seeing statues being torn down for whatever the reason.......OK, all I will climb down from the box and get back to are real beniss. hehe.

    True to the history of Flight 19 we, hehe, ran into some questionable weather. Dudley and I were flying around 4000 feet and we had spurt of heavy rains and of course hail. But alas, no tornados or any strong winds. Also, it looked like we maybe heading into a major storm front. No problem, we made it to Meridian Airport with no incidents occurring.

    Meridian had a varied history during the Civil War, and one incident was where a Northern General named Sherman burnt down the city. So if you are ever in Meridian, I would be careful not to mention the name Sherman. hehe, or Georgia!

    ote, we maybe stuck in Meridian for a day or two one of the planes developed an engine problem I believe. But check in and see if we are flying. From KMEI to KTUP.

    You all take care with this crazy virus running around. Stay Safe. Flight #19

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    Got me finger crossed and a few other things, just hopping that we will be flying tonight. Hehe, Hope along with us.

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    Hey! Good morning.

    Hot Dog! keeping our fingers crossed about being able to fly yesterday worked. hehe All smiles, we took off from Tupelo and pointed our plane's nose to Tupelo, Ms. KTUP then Oops the bloody weather decided to take a hand in our flight, and Man! the weather went from a little rough to hang onto your pants and every thing else. Crying out loud, we couldn't keep the plane in an level flight, one minute your were climbing and the next you were going down like a big rock. Believe me, we all had our hands full like being on a bucking horse, only problem being buck off of a horse you were close to the ground, but at 3000 + - it was a long way down and the bounce would sure hurt a lot more lol. A few miles out of Tupelo the weather became a little more reasonable. Our approach was great! Just being able to hold the course into runway #18 was almost a pleasure, all landing were great me think. I sure thought that it would be pure heck trying to land with the weather the way it was.

    Over the radio came this message, And everybody thought we were going to Chicago. Hehe, kind of raised our sprits, this being an inside joke.

    After parking the first thing Old Dudley and I did was put in a request for the local cleaning crew to clean the inside of the plane. Wasn't as bad as last time, but a heck of a lot worst. It was a very good thing that we order our double our normal order for the valuable burb bags. lol

    No Pictures again, that darn snapper just isn't doing it's job.

    The next flight, after we check the plane for any damage. Is from Tupelo (KTUP) to Jackson (KHKS) Ms. So folks we shall see you later.

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    Hello all!

    Here again, Really don't have much to report, the weather was a bunch better than it has been for the last two or three days. The biggest problem I have during the flight was trying to stay awake. Every time it looked like was dosing off my dear buddy kept poking me in the ribs with a stick hehe, Dudley, the next time you do that I am going to give a pop in the nose. Not Bad, of course we have been together in this racket for on to 15 years. A lot of our encounters, hehe are in jest,

    As far of the flight there were no real big problems noted, with the exception of our plane, We had a fair approach, and then the strangest thing happened #1 engine was running a little than #2, but nothing to be concerned with at this time. Upon landing #1 quit and went into a feathered position all by it self. We taxied over the parking area on one engine. Dudley and I looked at each other " what the hell happened?" Neither one of us trigger the feather switch, Darn, airplane is getting to darn smart. lol. As it turned out it wasn't a big problem and a new switch was replaced the old. Sure don't know what they call it! At least, we won't need to stand down from the next flight.

    OK, we will leave Jackson KHKS and head to Tuscaloosa, Al. KTCL.

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    Here we are again, Howdy!

    We took off from Jackson and was heading to Tuscaloosa and on the climb out Dudley and I were checking on the other two plane when we noticed that one wasn't there! Well, in a few minutes he showed up, evidently, he buzzed the State Capital. Sure hope the local big shots didn't activate the local Natl. Guard unit to track us down in order us to return to Jackson, where we could land in jail, have the plane what ever, or charge us with a big fine. Oh, lucky us, hehe, evidently we got way with it no fighters.

    Old Mother Nature put on a special fire works display for us (Yankees) due to the next day would be The fourth of July. Lighting up the booze for most of the flight. Again, and if course we had the mean winds again. Again the burb bags sure came in handy.

    Our next glorious flight is as follow: KTCL Tuscaloosa to KRMC Maury Co. (Columbia/Mt. Pleasar TN,)

    The two picture are, one is when we left Jackson, and no rain or heavy winds. The other one is of us in the doggone rain storm, which we had most of way! hehe, paying for the lighting show I guess!

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    Hey there!

    Surprise! the weather report reported that we would have around 100 miles of thunder storms, and the last 40 miles or so would be clear! The weather was bad for a few miles, but not 100 miles. It sure was surprise in these short miles I could see the ground from 4000 feet and the plane settled down and flew straight and level. Nice approach into Maury hehe and not a bad landing. Part of surprise is that we won't need to buy any more burb bags. It's real nice to see passengers getting off of the plane instead of being green they were back normal color lol. Some were even smiling! After shutting down the Convair and as we departed the plane with are girl Friday who had put up with all the passenger getting sick on the last two flights. So, all three of us was smiling and feeling good for a change. Now, need to get some real good southern cooking, and of course plenty of coffee for your truly. hehe.

    Monday's flight will be from KMRC Maury to KEKQ Monticello, Kentucky. we sure would be glad if you all stay tuned to this whatever we call it.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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    Sure sorry that I have missed logging on about our flights! Flight 19 finished the adventure last night with four pilots, I sure don't know the rest of the flight was thinking, but, Dudley and I were talking about some R&R on some nice beach somewhere where there are no phone, internet, or smoke signals. hehe. I am going to add some pictures of the flights. So all, thanks for staying with us.


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    here are more.

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    Hehe! AND AGAIN.

    Buy the way our last stop was Chicago. Sure been to a lot of places on the junket.

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