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    Thanks, Guys

    Just a quick note of thanks - I haven't touched CFS3 for years and in a mood of retro nostalgia, I dusted down my disks & installed it again. Immediately, I thought I'd wasted my time - I'd forgotten about the blurries
    & a host of other issues with the game. Then I stumbled on Daiwilletti's collection of CFS3 mods he'd put together on this site - I couldn't believe the difference! wow! So now I'm a fully converted CFS3 planeiac again!
    Thanks, guys.

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    Thanks very much for posting, Ozrico! A few hundred people are enjoying the Upgrade Package, but not many people report back. The package reflects the work of a lot of people and I tried to find a simple and convenient home for things like Airfighter55s vehicles.

    And as previously mentioned, it is a starter to bigger packages (ETO, MAW, Pacific and Korean packages), which are well worth the effort once you've seen the potential of little ol' CFS3!

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