80 years birthday
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    80 years birthday

    "Thank you all for an overwhelming responce ,regarding my 80 years birhtday the 22nd. May"
    a dissapointed Killer Svend

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    I missed seeing it. You have my apologies. Happy Birthday!
    "Let Being Helpful Be More Important Than Being Right!" Some SOH Founder.

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    Icon9 Oh geez...

    Killer Svend,

    Yeuppers, no one checked the hot sheets! Geez...I am sorry, and it was a decade marker to boot.

    Belated birthday wishes from Rami.

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    Well, a belated....Tillykke med fødselsdagen!...KS.

    The mixture of emotions that your parents must have felt, so happy to have you born, but the country having just been invaded in April...and whooosh...here you are alive and kicking...80 years later!



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    Belated, Killer.
    Hope you had a great day.


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    Happy Birthday Killer

    I still got you "gammel mann" by 3

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    Sorry I missed it... Happy 80th Birthday young man!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    80 not out! A very Killer Svend, and many more.

    Either we had a mass "senior's moment" or we need some way to remind ourselves of upcoming birthdays.

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    félicitations for your 80th Birsday

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    Happy Birthday Killer Svend! May you have many more happy birthdays.

    Captain Kurt
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    You are forgiven all,And yes it was a turbulent time,when I was born, 13 days before Herr Hitler invaded Denmark,but we are more,, HM The Queen was born 16th April.
    I joked , in the past,that I was made on the day Poland was invaded, But I realized that a pregnancy last for 9 m0nths.it must have been one month before. Despite my high age,I am doing well,My doctor tells me that I have an ironhealth (I seldom drink water,just to prevent to get rusty).
    Killer Svend

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    Happy Birthday KS, and congratulations on your longevity, but I know 93 year old retired orthopedic surgeon who expects to play golf in two days and he would say you are still a young feller to him.

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    My dad passed away when he was 96 and he was field gunner in 4 years in 1st. ww, my grandad's brother died in an age of 101, he died with a spade in hes hand, doing gardenwork,I think that I have reasonable strong genes.
    Killer Svend

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    Happy Birthday Kiler

    Killer, In 2 years I will be 80 so I am not pushing it May 18 1943.


    Casey Jones 7-11 Red Chinese Ace

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    Congratulations Killer. Good clean living works every time.

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