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    MS New FS For 2020

    I saw an advertisement for MS2020 last night, you all have seen
    this I am sure. Cost for MS 2020 Fltsim $199,00, there are cases
    where MS will sell you the airplanes as high as $60.00 per plane,
    you may or might have to have some kind of account with MS to
    continue the game. That's what I saw on the a number of reviews,
    but this is not put in stone. Just what I saw. For me I have all
    the Flight Sims I own, FS2000,FS2002, FS2004 and FSX and most
    everything is almost free.


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    Indeed a new FS is coming.
    I'm not sure the pricing of 200 dollars is true though. At the moment, I believe no pricing has been confirmed.

    Concerning the price of addons, it will probably be similar to the addons for FSX or P3D: High quality addons with higher prices, lower quality addons for lower prices, and freeware. You can probably expect the same for MSFS.

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    I certainly hope they don't price this sim out of the market or go with another bad business model trying to milk every dollar they can. If they do it is likely to go the way previous two major sim attempts based on the line. If this is done right by keeping it affordable, it could become very popular and draw in a totally new fan base. That also means not placing licensing constraints on 3rd party development to the point it's profitability will be hampered. If the business model is done right, they will make back the development costs and much more plus keep 3rd party development going. Otherwise, the latter will veer off over to X-Plane and P3D and this sim will become a memory fairly quickly. I hope that doesn't end up being the case.


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    The problem I think here is the Youtubers, and the like, who are speaking and presenting their opinions as if they were fact, and that is likely the case with regard to the pricing information you heard - I have yet to see Microsoft release such information. For instance, in one particular youtuber's videos he keeps saying "seasons are confirmed" for FS2020, when actually they haven't been - simply having snowfall in the sim is not seasons. For now, seasons are still only a wishlist item, like helicopters.

    I suspect we won't see the price/pricing model until very shortly before the release, or if that information is released well in advance it could change by the time of release based on community response. Personally, I wouldn't be opposed to spending a one time higher flat fee for the sim, if that were truly the case, knowing that it will be continuously updated and supported, without further cost, for hopefully a very long time. I really don't care for the P3D way of things, having to shell out quite a bit of money every couple of years or so just to keep up-to-date on the next improved installment of the exact same simulator platform, which I think has really fractured our FS community.

    One of the things I keep going back to is one of the aspects that Asobo/Microsoft representatives have talked about in reference to the photogrammetry cities. Bing continues making more and more of those photogrammetry cities and every time another is completed that data automatically gets fed into the sim, so each time you load the sim, connecting to the online server, there could be another such updated city, newly and automatically injected since the last time you were in the sim. I believe for this reason too they don't present a fixed figure on the number of photgrammetry cities, they just say there is "well over 400". It sounds like other aspects of the sim will be updated over time in the same style manner, accessed whenever you connect to the servers. That sort of model of continuous support and advancement I really like.
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    I'd be pretty surprised if Microsoft went much outside the "standard" $60 price for a computer or console game (since they're trying to aim this at a large market, not just the people with $500 HOTAS setups), with a possibly higher price point for a "deluxe" or "collectors" edition or something.

    As for addon pricing, I assume it'll be similar to what the current P3D setup is (depending on whether MS allows 3rd party stuff to be sold outside of a Microsoft online store) with prices anywhere from freeware to "mortgage the house again" for stuff like PMDG.

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    A fake advert for sure. The new sim is called Microsoft Flight Simulator, or MSFS.
    FS2020 and other 'odd' combinations are thumb sucked names that originated from another site.

    There has been no pricing as yet for either the sim or any add-ons. MFSF is still in the Alpha test stage, with possibly a couple of Alpha versions to come, before it gets to Beta. A few versions of Beta to get through before we get to the actual release candidate.

    I'm sure that they have learnt from the past on how to market the new sim, that will be released for PC as well as for XBox. From what we have seen so far, the in-game pictures & video clips are quite outstanding.

    So, patience until we know more..
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