WW11 Hero Strikes Again - Captain Tom Moore
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Thread: WW11 Hero Strikes Again - Captain Tom Moore

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    WW11 Hero Strikes Again - Captain Tom Moore

    This is great, 99 year old Captain Tom Moore was hoping to do 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday and in doing so raise £1000 for the NHS (National Health Service), so far He's raised £18,000,000! What a man.

    There's also a petition been started to give him a knighthood, if anyone cares to sign it:

    https://www.change.org/p/war-hero-tom-moore-aged-99-to-be-knighted-captaintommoore?utm_source=grow_gb&utm_medium=medi a#response-42802


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    World War Eleven? Damn, how did I happen to miss the last nine?

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    Signed the petition, even if I'm a Belgian national. Hell, for serving during WWII, he should have been knighted long ago!


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    You were too young to remember these horrors so please do not make fun of a 99 year old ex captain in the British army who has now raised £20 million to help our National health service.

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    I was not making fun of Captain Tom Moore (what he did then and more recently is great).

    I was making fun of IanHenry (who is too young as well to remember anything about that war), because he wrote "WW11", which reads "World War Eleven".

    You should write "WW2" or "WWII", depending on if you want to use Arabic numerals or Roman numerals.

    P.S.: I would have signed the petition as well if I were a British citizen, but I don't want to do so because it is your choice to decide who needs to be knighted in your own country.

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    Just a brief update.
    Captain Moore turned 100 years young today.
    He was honored by his former regiment and promoted to 'Honorary Colonel, received over 140,000 greetings from around the planet and best of all, the RAF showed their appreciation with a Spitfire and Hurricane flypast.
    HRH really should grant him a Knighthood!
    His supporters have contributed around 140M so far to the NHS.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    We are losing our greatest generation slowly but surely. Even though I am of the Vietnam Generation I hold all these soldiers in high regard. They all deserve metals no matter what country they’re from.

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