A/C Control Issues
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Thread: A/C Control Issues

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    A/C Control Issues

    Help !!

    Hardware - Older CH Yoke, New CH
    Fighterstick USB , FSX Gold Acce

    Concern - Elevators have a mind of their own sometimes

    On occasion when I fly the default 172 or the Section 8 Sabre I experience an uncontrollable pitch up or down when moving the controls ??

    Only seems to effect the two a/c mentioned, have lowered the sensitivity sliders with no apparent difference.


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    Try updating your drivers,

    Or, if you have fsuipc full version, you can use that
    to fine tune your stick.



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    Good thought , but CH Products are "plug in play" ..... drivers not required .
    Am familiar with the FSUIPC software , if this issue continues its a course of action I may have to consider .


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