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Description: This is a High-Def repaint pack for the freeware FSN AT-802 SEAT (wheeled version). The AT-802 is widely used initial attack aircraft for aerial firefighting. It's most notable areas of operation are Canada, United States, and Australia. The 802s are uniquely capable of operations on rough strips for temporary refill sites. This capability is largely capitalized in Australia. In the United States, the 802s are contracted IA platforms for the USFS. Although, they are the smallest fixed wing air tanker in the US inventory, they are still widely used. The largest competitors of the 802s in the North American market are the Bombardier/Viking CL-415/215T variants and the Grumman/Marsh S-2F3AT Turbo Tracker flown by Cal Fire. The S-2 and 415s are both capable of carrying more than 1,000 gallons, putting the 802's 800 gallons at the bottom of the category. Despite being overshadowed by every other air tanker in the US inventory. The 802s are truly multi-role. The 802's are largely used in pairs working drops in fast tandem drops to maximize effectiveness in a very small area. The lower flight speeds and ability to loiter in a very small area make it a precision weapon in aerial firefighting. Closing gaps in fire lines, providing close air support to ground personnel and structure protection. The 802s are also suited as use as air attack / lead platforms (bird dog). A more powerful, larger variant, the AT-1002 began first flight testing in 2013. Slated to carry 1,000 gallons and carry nearly twice the fuel as the current 802s, make the performance gap between other aircraft in the category much smaller, but still with many of the same advantages of the current 802s. The 1002 has yet to enter service. Repaints represent 8 real life operators across Canada, United States, and Australia. Repaints by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."

Base aircraft available offsite here: https://simviation.com/1/download-fi...p&fileId=35549

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