Where F-4s came to die
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Thread: Where F-4s came to die

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    Where F-4s went to die

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    From an old Phantom Phixer...

    (F-4D, F-4E & RF-4C)

    The Old MSgt
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    Phrom another Phormer Phantom Phixer...

    F-4N/J/S I-Level Radar Tweaker

    So very sad to see those beautiful Birds slowly decaying away to nothingness in the heat and dust.
    It was bad enough keeping them in flyable shape in Yuma. Easy to get second degree burns just touching them on a normal Yuma afternoon. Made it tough to do any work on them until the night fell, and they cooled off.

    I was in VMFA-333 when they were getting them transitioned out to the Hornets, upon their final return from their last Iwakuni Det.
    I spent most of my time at VMFAT-101, though. When they started transitioning to Hornets and moving to Miramar after their last WTI, it was time for me to go. I guess I was as much a dinosaur as the Phantom. I couldn't see spending at least 8 months a year afloat, either, which I would have done if I had stayed and went to the Hornet too. I'm a landlubber, and my family was too important to me.
    The word "Boneyard" is truly appropriate for where they lie now.

    Thanks for some wonderful memories, GreyEagle...
    Fly Free, always!
    Sgt of Marines
    USMC, 10 years proud service.
    Inactive now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldmsgt View Post
    From an old Phantom Phixer...

    (F-4D, F-4E & RF-4C)

    The Old MSgt
    Very nice tribute!

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