panning speed
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Thread: panning speed

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    panning speed

    New guy here....hope to get some help.
    My Saitek Flight controller seems to be working just fine...but..
    the 'hat switch' moves the views EXTREMELY quickly.
    I have P3dv4 and in the 'camera.cfg' file there is a setting for panning speed.
    Is there someway to set the speed in CFS3 ???
    Thanks for any help.
    Skip d

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    I'm not sure you can, but try changing the RotationRate in the ViewUI.xml in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\CFS3


    Sorry, that doesn't look like it does anything. I do see that the hat switch speed seems to accelerate after the first second, so perhaps small nudges are better than holding it continuously.
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    Try turning scroll lock on, on your keyboard, before you start cfs3.
    (DR/ MAW/ ETO/ PTO Textures)

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