Captain Sim's 'Legendary C-130 Hercules base pack and add-on packs have only improved over time and the increase of computer power and graphics power that I have been able to deploy on them.

The various cockpits are the most complex I have encountered in FS2004 for a turbine prop powered Cargo a/c. While I have been very happy trundling a C-130A around using an almost WWII era analogue instrumented cockpit, the later versions such as the C-130J and C-130J-30 could really do with a digital face-lift'.

I use Ernie Alston's ISG1 'glass' gauges, both for their ease of installation and their simple operational excellence. However - attempting to modify and upgrade Captain Sim's cockpits with some ISG1 gauges has proved to be a task far beyond my normal limited tweaking, conducted through 'FS Panel Studio'.

Has anyone installed ISG1 gauges in this aircraft? And if so - grateful for any PM that would help or advise on a straight-forward approach.

Thank you Captain Sim for outstanding versions of the a/c that in the real world I worked with so much.
Thank you Ernie for your outstanding set of gauges to modernise and freshen up old ladies.