Were going to Sicily next
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Thread: Were going to Sicily next

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    Were going to Sicily next

    Milo airfield, Trapani, Sicily for FS9 ( getting board with northern Europe )

    Milo airfield near the town of Trapani on the western tip of Sicily on the Mediterranean coast
    Also includes the airfield of Castelvetrano, about 15 miles south of Trapani

    Originally built for the Regia Aeronautica in the 1920's, and very important for the supply effort for axis force's in North Africa. The airfield was joint operated with JU52 and Me323 gigants and Bf109 (JG27) fighters on the Luftwaffe side and Italian units operating Fiat CR42 and Ju87's

    There is also a water start near the port of Trapani, esp if you have Manuele Villa's beautiful Cant Z 506 in your hangar

    Not a lot of information on Castelvetrano, but arial photos indicate Ju52's and Savoia Marchetti SM-82 transports

    Ive made up some custom biuldings for these airfields, but ive very little info to go on, the fighter pens in the SE are
    form photo's of Milo, The Hangar's are based on Comiso airfield ( in the SE of Sicily ), everything else is just best guess

    The only objects you'll need is---
    Wolfi_Obj_lib.zip, JD's conversion of Wolfi's CFS2 objects.

    Im using two freeware addons with this scenery, FS2004 Italy SRTM scenery mesh by Werner F. Vogt,
    and Italian coastline by luisio both found on Flightsim.com. But you should be fine without these
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    Looks VERY nice! And I love the Sicilian climate


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