Grab some pop corns & maybe a beer cause the flight will
last for 55 mins, from carrier's deck until back for landing.

This is a P3D(v3) scripted Scenario, simulating an attack
of a VF-212 pair of A-4s at the power transformation station
down town Hanoi (1967, based on a History Channel's documentary
I watched on youtube), escorted by two F-8J Crusaders of VF-211.

Video features :
- RFN's F-8 Crusader
- USS Hancock (payware, Gimot's Essex class pack)
- MAIW FSX/P3D native A-4 / F-8 AIs
- AI bombing. An automated function of FSCAI when AIs in parameters.
- fsx@war Power Transformation plant targets, destroyed by AI bombs
with realistically calculated parameters of the programm.
- Info presentation about F-8 and her operational use during
the Vietnam war.