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    Horizon Line ETO

    I have an old mystery return?

    A thin blue line appears when I open any Theatre.

    I take off and the plane is split in two. That is when I am above the line the plane looks normal while dropping belong the line the plane appears split in two.?

    I hope this makes sense!

    I believe I corrected this a few years ago but since I have been with SOH for 12 years my memory is a little dull.

    I hope someone can remember?

    Thanks fellows.


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    Dual Pass Render!

    That is why I make my configoverrides file Read Only!

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    If you are using AnKor's shaders than you need to set

    <DualPassRender val="n"/>
    <HighResolutionZBuffer val="y"/>

    in the ConfigOverrides.xml
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