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Thread: Start'em up!

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    Great film, Chief! Kinda nostalgic seeing the Tomcats and Prowlers!
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    Thanks for the vid Pete.

    Those were the days when there were different flavors of aircraft instead of mostly lawn dart F-18's

    IMHO, they should of kept the Tomcat (F-14) and just spent for updates, avionics, etc.

    I remember at Miramar when the phase out of the F-4's and phase in of the F-14 was going on.

    Before that the F-4's for the F-8's. And so it goes.........

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    Spliced some good stand-alone vids together, I even saw some "Final Countdown" shots. Just counting everything show that is now retired to included the legacy Hornet.
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    Thank goodness the background music was not some form of Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone".
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    Quote Originally Posted by stansdds View Post
    Thank goodness the background music was not some form of Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone".

    I still like that song, despite hearing it on the flight deck, ad nauseum. NC

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