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    New Britain UT scenery

    I am setting up SW USS Essex 2020 and using the scenery downloads.
    Step 2 of New Britain UT install instructions speaks of adding new mesh--"New_LOD_9 Mesh folder.

    I do not have that in the download. What am I missing?

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    I,ll hazard a guess , that is a refferance to Rumbas Load 9 Mesh --

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    Highpockets, that's a great catch!

    In the UT New Britain zip it's the single bgl contained in the "TO_CFS2_SCENERY" folder. My bad...

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    Ha Ha
    As a general question since I am still learning---
    Shadow Wolf has several sceneries on the list to download in his USS Essex 2020 and I have found that ( I think) the older ones should be installed first because some of the newer ones are based on Rhumba's new mesh and instruct to remove certain airfield .bgl from previous installs because of conflicts. I am a bit confused as how to proceed.

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    I think I have figured it out. I will muddle through and if have issues I know where to come.

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    HP: The MR Philippines scenery is neither GSL or Rhumbaflappy, but it fits well on the Rhumba mesh, as does MR's Formosa and XB's Japan. All the others are built on the Rhumba mesh. They all should be installed on a fresh CFS2 install, then follow Rami's PTO guide to put in the mesh, THEN put in the other sceneries on top of that.

    FYI: You can use the same install for my newest work -"Desperate Battles" because the only bases used are Henderson and Espiritu Santo.

    Enjoy the campaign mate!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Shadow Wolf
    I am there!
    Clean CFS 2 install and Rami/Dvslats PTO guide. Rhumba's mesh and MR Philippines , MR Formosa, MR Micronesia and MR Papua New Guinea( all on stock mesh, I think). I have not yet activated anything. Just trying to understand the instructions on the later sceneries based on Rhumba's new mesh--what to put where and what to delete/deactivate etc such as -- i.e. MR Gilbert (2019) ,New Britain UT(2013) and Carolines UT(2012) as required by your USS ESSEX 2020.
    This is the most extensive install in a while and I am trying to learn how to place all of this properly so I don't get those 'nasty' screen messages. I may be making this too hard.
    It has happened too many times before when I was not careful I don't want to get the proverbial "chicken before the egg".
    This campaign looks like lots of fun!!

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